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  1. Is the current Ford Feista BS 4 compliant ? Is it a good time to buy a Ford Fiesta ? Or is there a upgrade expected to meet the BS4 norms ? Any idea when the next generation fiesta will be launched in India.
  2. I don't mind buying a petrol or a diesel car, Pls DON'T restrict your recommendation to just diesel cars. Since this is my second car I am looking for a good car for all the highway use.
  3. great feedback so far, To answer few queries, yes I have the ikon 1.3. If you have driven a corolla/civic/laura, you'd know how good these cars feel at these speeds. Somehow I feel the kon 1.3 is maxed out or stressed at 100-120. I was considering the below cars -- I thought its better to get feebback from you guys 1. Optra Magnum Diesel -- Not sure if it would meet my requirements 2. Scorpio -- The one with ABS -- I've heard horror stories about scorpio brakes -- Not sure if the new 2009 one has fixed these issue and if ABS would sort these issues 3. Innova -- Not sure if this would fit my requirment, I feel its too big for me . Any other suggestions welcome A big NO to the verna and city -- More of personal preference. Comments welcome
  4. Could you experts please suggest a good car for mostly highway use ? Here is my experience and requirement.. I own a ford ikon 1.3 - Its a good car but at 100+ km on highway -- I feel the car is not built for it, more like I don't feel comfortable with this car. I am looking for a car which will be mostly driven on higways, Should be really solid at 100-120 km/ph and I have a budget of 10 lakhs. The car should not feel stressed at these speeds. I know that the civic/laura/corolla are great cars and would exactly fit my requirement, but unfortunately those are beyond by budget. Any suggestions on the same ?