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  1. Hello everyone ! It has been a long time since I have logged-in to this forum and its due to my college exams and other duties. So this one is due to my heart's feelings... Actually my wish list for VW Polo Sedan, to be exact my wish list to VW India. Engine: 1.2 TSI & 1.4 Tdi (The diesel engine's power must have figures) As always more engine options are welcome. Transmission: Normal 5 speed 6 speed DSG Automatic [Please, at least in this!] Features: Decent Audio with 4 speakers(2 in front ant rear)and Aux input Climatic Control Non-skinny Tyres ABS Airbags(at least 2) Alloy Wheels Well these are some of the much needed, if they want a class leader. What do you say ?
  2. Well, sorry for staying back after starting this topic as I was not able to login due to my college classes... So thank you guys for replaying. And special thanks to "rahul1810" for brining the picture of Polo sedan, which I was dreaming to buy....(if dad feel comfortable with that). Once again thanks everyone.... Regards, SP
  3. ?kodaAuto India on August 13, 2009 announced an introduction of 2 years warranty on ?koda Genuine Parts and ?koda Genuine Accessories with effect from August 15, 2009 for their customers in India. Starting August 15, 2009 the two year warranty will be available on Skoda Genuine Parts & Accessories across the product range which includes the ?koda Superb, ?koda Octavia, ?koda Laura and ?koda Fabia. The introduction of 2 years warranty is a new initiative by SkodaAuto India to bring down the cost of ownership for customers and secure the quality of the product for a longer period. In line with the company
  4. The new Camry may not be drawing customers from buying Accord or Superb....
  5. [From AUTOCAR UK] Guys its here, the all new Suzuki SWIFT - one of the most successful hatchback in Indian automobiles sector.Now Suzuki is face lifting the car. The Swift is expected to be unveiled at next autumn
  6. Maruti Suzuki has unveiled its all new Kizashi.Company says it is a new sports & luxurious saloon.The car is based on the Concept Kizashi of 2007 and initially will feature a 2.4-litre DOHC inline four-cylinder engine.The unit is linked to a six-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with paddle shift.It will be also available as a hybrid.Suzuki has confirmed that a hybrid will join the line-up at some point. Both two and four-wheel drive will be available.The Kizashi has been tested both at Germany
  7. Congratulation, to me you have made the correct choice. And also the most sensible variant too ! Some great features of the car that amazed me are the : Rear AC vents. The volume of the music automatically reduce to hear the parking sensor sound (Only for Elegance) Great boot space and Practicality. Well balanced steering. Superb built quality. Wear seat belts and don't go at high speed before 1000km. Go ahead and enjoy the movements with her
  8. Hai aptsat, I am not surprised to know that your mind is still behind the Fabia. Anyway I vote for Fabia once again. One last way to find out the best car which suits you - Go and test drive all the three cars once more(even if you have done it, do it once more),but with your family.Forget all the positives and negatives of the car and test it as if you are driving it for the first time. And before that please go through the link given below . It will surely help you to figure out one that suits you. http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-drives-initial-ownership-reports/26688-tips-consider-during-test-drive-cars.html ALL THE BEST
  9. Hello, I too was impressed by the new Audi A4 3.0 TDi. Great performance, Great Build Quality, Great Comfort, Great Handling, Great Interiors and Fuel Economy !!! Truly I wish I could own it. Well the similar looks makes it an ultimate wolf in sheep's cloth But absence of paddle shift is surprising At last Audi A4 3.0 TDi has a chance to win Performance car of the Year 2009.
  10. Well tejasmehta990 thank you for uploading this pic. This car seemed to be a plug-in type car(note the central bottom part of the bumper)designed by Renault and concept by Nissan and what is Bajaj's contribution ? engine ??? I dont think so. I just cant digest this concept, I mean whats the practicality in this ? ok concept models are concepts but they need to be little bit practical...
  11. I think we all forgot VW POLO.When Polo will be launched in 2010 January(in the 10th Autoexpo)it will be one of the best hatches you can buy. And also the less interest rates makes buying POLO more sweeter! The only defect I found in it is the rear headroom.
  12. Hai aptsat, I will recommend you to go with Fabia but only after the price correction that is going to happen. The reason, the great built quality, good economy, great stability, good comfort and practicality. And more over after two years(after warranty gets finished) you can remap(Pete's Custom code remap) and enjoy a new fabia with more power.
  13. Hai ivar1951, you said it correctly. Why should one buy an Accord or a Civic if Laura 1.8 TSI is there ? The only thing which draws me back is the after sales services and the spare parts cost.About the after sales services, Skoda India is trying to make a miracle with its after sales service, which they have not disclosed till now. Its not said by me, but by Mr. Thomas Kuehl, Board Member, Sales and Marketing, Skoda Auto India.And with the spare parts issue, VW and Skoda, both combined are going to start the production of spare parts (should be in the Chakan Plant)for all their products in India which will considerably decrease the cost of ownership. So why should one worry about buying a Skoda car ?
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    Engine Awards

    nim12esh: Well I am waiting for the Fabia to come with TSI Powerband. I started even dreaming of driving that car. sparshq: The 3.0L TFSI which is in the new A6 Quattro is a V6 Engine and slightly has lower powerthan the V8 found in BMW M3.
  15. The International Engine of the Year awards The International Engine of the Year awards are the equivalent to the Oscars in the automobile industry. This year, the 11th annual International Engine of the Year Award ceremony took place at Engine Expo 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany on 17 June. A total of 12 Awards were given to those manufacturers who have been judged to have achieved excellence in their powertrain engineering. This year, Volkswagen took top honours winning the accolade for the first time in the company