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  1. I only hope that I will be able to get the fuele efficiency update done on my petrol Linea!
  2. You mean the DVD payer HU only for about 30K. What about the speakers which have you put inside. I was thinking of going for pioneer HU 4930. With front JBL compos and the rear coaxial.
  3. Hello All, Please can someone suggest a DVD player for car. It should play all the popular music formats. What is the cost of a VFM brand. What is the cost of the screen which is attached to it...used for watching movies...? What company speakers can one use for it in combination with the DVD HU? Please advice.
  4. ranjan

    Petrol v Diesel

    Hey what about the Moot question is the Diesel engine vehicle preferable over the petrol engine when the cost is nearly the same say about 4-50K only difference. What is the average life of the diesel engine compared to petrol engine. My driver says ( Diesel Mahindra Govt. Jeep) that the only major cost that comes in deisel engines after some years is the change in piston ring which costs varying from vehicle to vehicle about 2-4000 rs. He gave example of buses and jeeps how ever bad they may be they keep running.... proof of the power of diesel engines. Please some one explain and advice. I researched the Ford Ikon Diesel and Petrol are differing in cost about 50k but the mileage and performance is different. My running is about 25-30 kms. per day and I plan to keep it for atleast 7-8 yrs. so which will be better buy.