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  1. well jimny is nt new...it was also sold in india earlier..i think???
  2. huh?? estate are meant to be spacious and theres no point in launch shorter version of it!!!
  3. ONLY single car - buggatti!! and which makes me laugh is MICRA because its UGLY!
  4. wow is i dont see major changes but can this be DIESEL!?!
  5. gotta some info here...ppl say it is today 2 pm and online also.dcarlover2010-07-06 08:27:08
  6. wow gr8 car..i think it will answer nissan murano..
  7. thanks for pics...concept r iii is a stunner.. those sleek seats look awesome but sadly such things never come into production.
  8. The fiats looks great. so is 1.6 MJD launched? dcarlover2010-01-06 15:24:28
  9. some more pics for polo lover - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/auto-expo-2010/73022-vw-auto-expo-2010-a.html where are aci guys with pix??? Post moved. BornFree2010-01-06 15:18:52
  10. some more pics from this website http://theautomotiveindia.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1210&page=6 dcarlover2010-01-06 14:23:20
  11. hey venture looks awesome..any idea how much wil they price it? rival to Eeco??
  12. guyz...some pics from other website http://theautomotiveindia.com/forums/showthread.php?p=18845#post18845 dcarlover2010-01-06 14:09:18
  13. guyz..stumbled upon this special coverage of expo here - http://theautomotiveindia.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1210 man this was awesome auto expo. wish if i was there.... and keepupdating this thread guys dcarlover2010-01-05 18:36:42
  14. car is not coming at expo doesnt means that it wont be launched soon. FYKI, Figo is launching in march. ok?
  15. guyz every one is running behind weekday as there will be less rush but now it looks like rush will more at weekdays so opt for weekends at last moment!lol