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  1. New Mercedes E Class Test Drive Report.

    wow.. cyrus did you also drive it with rahul?? CYRUS432009-09-04 13:32:49
  2. Booked Dzire CANCELLED: Now Scorpio LX!

    i agree with you totally sparshq i also agree with u. speed is wrong!!
  3. AUTOCAR SCOOP: Chevrolet BEAT.

    nice pics.. thanks..
  4. New Hyundai Santro

    Why there is no update in this thread?NEW SANTRO IS LAUNHCED!! and change is nothing!! Hyundai is going wrong way imo dcarlover2009-09-02 16:59:27
  5. Maruti A Star New Commercial

    Yes, I saw it Looks great but car is still ugly! CYRUS432009-09-01 14:23:51
  6. Where is ACI's September issue?

    Agreed. But seriously, Whats the price this time?dcarlover2009-09-01 10:45:29
  7. Where is ACI's September issue?

    wow!!great, I'll buy it asap but hey whats the price this time??Rs.500??
  8. Where is ACI's September issue?

    You work with ACI, So you must be knowing whats spl in Sep issue!
  9. US AIR FORCE decides to make cars... [:)]

    man!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but whats the source???????
  10. Which Diesel SUV ?

    voted fortuner
  11. Porshe Boxster at Rs 50L

    whats the real price of boxter
  12. Mahindra's first HY powered 3 Wheeler HY Alfa

    nice! thanks for info
  13. SKODA - Terrible Experience

    sad to read this. another skoda issue. btw, are you from team bhp . com?

    thank you. i will watch it.
  15. Bike LED to New Black Unicorn 150cc

    I agree with rssh. BTW, Are you Ashley Baxter from Autocar India?
  16. Bad / Ugly looking Vehicles

    Holy crap!!!!!!!! U guys are calling sweet cars like terracan, teana, baleno etc ugly?????????? The ugliest cars acc to me is a-star.
  17. Best Super Car In World

    best supercar is buggati veyron are u buying one?
  18. best car information website

    carwale is useless... carazoo.com is much better and guys...when posting the names of site also put up their link so that it will be much easy for ppl like me to access the sites.
  19. best car information website

    dont open such threads. it can cause spamming. MODS LOCK THIS. Thread closed.
  20. Auto Quiz

  21. My experience of trying to CHEAT ME - fiat punto

    Heres a same case as of your on TEAM BHP http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-dealerships/62169-fiat-linea-booking-experience-pandit-auto-pune.html
  22. My experience of trying to CHEAT ME - fiat punto

    Hi, I'm sorry to read your grievance. Its really sad to see that FIAT is behaving with its customers such a way. I think it would be better if you directly drop a mail to Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, President & CEO of FIAT India.
  23. How is Llumar sunfilm?

    llumar is awesome go for it even i have that in my car
  24. Suggestions For The Forum

    looks like i will have to leave this site which is full of dangerous viruses!!!!! Today my antivirus programme detected 15-20 viruses from this site. why autocar is not taking any action or they want all their users to leave forum after their computers get affected with viruses!!