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  1. well afaik its 12 in city and 16-17 on highways...
  2. GTX is one of the model of palio
  3. I suggest him to go for all new Audi A4!!!
  4. Best Horns are HELLA dcarlover2009-10-25 10:27:45
  5. it will launch in march.. do u have any pics of dat?
  6. guys isn't there any official news of its launch??
  7. is the car already lunched?
  8. ya... just saw this on autocars homepage
  9. awesome information!!!!!!!!!!!!111 i liked it!!keep posting more!
  10. this is not exlusive... it has been already spotted by Indian autos blog reader.. btw, does chevy have plans to bring it here??
  11. I saw in some site that there is heavy discount on Captiva..
  12. Congratulations Autoraj and fLash on your new Astar! Post some pics.
  13. it does not support +5.5GMT!!
  14. wow thats gr8!! can u mention source plz?
  15. oh okay! but i am not able to read and recieve pms correctly coz of server errors..dcarlover2009-10-14 10:32:49
  16. wow..welcome sidindica!!plz help me and winner48 to join www.teambhp.com. and do you have any info on the pricing of MANZA??Is it launched todaty?? thx
  17. Exactly. Also the from number plate its clearly visible that car is on Test!