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  1. v12 is one of the award winning "vee" series engine. There are many engine in this series like v6, v8,v12,v14,v16 etc etc. If you specifically want to know whats "12" in it, then it stands for the number of cylinders it has got in it. BTW, if u didn't knew the meaning of V12 then why u made it as ur ID? Just askin not offense meant.
  2. i think busa is already launched in india, correct me if am wrong. Why don't u try bigger sibling of R15, Thats R1??
  3. You can do another thing also, Buy any diesel car of your choice and install a semi automatic transmission in it. In hatchbacks, You get a choice of 2 auto cars, Thats Hyundai i10 and maruti wagonr, I would suggest the i10 but then both are non-diesels.
  4. Rs.1lac difference is very much! There are very less diesel auto cars available in your price bracket, Try to stretch it a bit and go for hyundai verna auto, The scorpio is more costly (around Rs.11lac as mentioned in ACI). If you can't stretch your budget then consider a used diesel from a reputed service such as true value, first choice etc.
  5. is that light in real or just a photoshop affect?
  6. BMW is looking nice detailing is good but the bright orange color has spoilt the looks.
  7. This is because the Mudflaps and Mudmats comes under accessory fitment thats why they are offered as gift by dealers and not standard by manufacturer.