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  1. All buses must have emergency exit doors, breakable glasses, roof hatch/rear window exit etc. i would suggest to provide multiple options so that all type of passenger can exit in all type of situation. It is not possible for the old, women and children to jump from the bus through the window easily. remember the emergency exit doors on the mofusil busses. they were provided in the middle, front or back. KSRTC has provided the same on all volvos, TATA and AL buses. I also say that there is a design flaw in the volvos. TATA or AL buses dont catch fire on scraping the side body. hence are much safer in that regard. Whats the use of ABS when u ll be roasted in fire? there is no point in saying that the top speed of the vehicle is the culprit. Every operator and driver wants to make their passengers home in the shortest possible time. the only way to ensure safety is to train them on driving safely within the limits. proper rest before the journey. proper work hours and driving schedules. passengers should take initiative in telling the drivers to not overspeed or drive rashly. also the govt officials must increase highway patrols to check for offences by the bus operators and drivers.
  2. not run more than 20000Km - 30000Km. no engine work. all mechanicals in good condition... ie no unnecessary vibration like valves shaking, knocking etc. all other components in good condition.
  3. dont worry too much about mineral or synthetic oils for maruti Alto. 20W40 is the recommended grade of engine oil. any brand like Shell, Castrol etc are of high quality oils (semi synthetic). Synthetic oils are required for very high performance cars.
  4. engine oil recommended by the manufacturer and service interval in the owners manual is the best way to go. Now a days the engine oils are far superior hence 10000Km -15000Km service interval. the engine oils used are semi synthetic kind. some engine oils are of higher grades... hence more life and more protection from wear. the benefit is even if u exceed the service interval by 1000km - 2000km, it ll not harm the vehicle.
  5. petrol WagonR. u should get one for around 1.7L. great to drive, good mileage. very comfortable for driver, passenger, luggage....great overall
  6. if u get full service history and satisfied with the exterior and interior, bargain a little harder for lower price, accesories, extended warranty etc and should be able to close a deal.
  7. For using a car for Taxi, Logan, Etios, Dzire, Tata Indigo etc are good sedans. if u want bigger vehicle, Xylo, Sumo grande are a better option. 3rd row in Ertiga may not be comfortable for ur passengers. Ertiga is fine for small family where the 3rd row is used for short drive of 1-2hrs.
  8. i would suggest you to shortlist something like Swift, Ritz, WagonR, i10, Micra, Pulse, Beat for hatchback and Dzire and Amaze for sedan. in doing so u need to shortlist the features and safety available in each and shortlist them according to your priorities and budget.
  9. there's nothing like beginer bike.... but what are u looking in ur bike....i would suggest u start with a bike in 100cc - 150cc segment and then over time upgrade to the higher segments like 200cc - 500cc and enjoy biking.
  10. hey don't misguide... no of yrs should not be considered as the only criteria for replacing the needs to consider many other aspects (kms run in lifetime...100000+, change in lifestyle etc.) also to make a well and informed decision.
  11. since there is no major problem in the car and u are satisfied with it, it is not necessary to replace the car....but if you feel that u need a newer car with more features and creature comforts, then u can change ur car. dont buy the car thinking for resale it is highly inconsistent with changing technology, customer expectations, market condition etc.
  12. go to the following link to see some pics . please tell me how you like