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  1. Vento booked

  2. Hey friends i have just brought my new baby to home the volkswagen vento and i wanna to put up the pics can antone please tell me the procedure. PREDATOR2010-10-22 15:34:59
  3. Linea T-Jet

    Hey t jet is available for test drive at rama motors okhla delhi . Yesterday test drive the linea . The car is having awsm pickup , but fit and finish is still not good otherwise the care is a bombshell having low mentainance , better fuel economy . good seatcovers and they are giving teflon coating done and floor mats for free
  4. Linea T-Jet

    hey friends heres the price list of linea tjet spare parts Sr. No. ?Part Description Fiat Linea Petrol Tjet MRP Periodical Maintenance (PM) 1 ?Air Filter assy 851 2 ?Oil Filter Assy. 371 3 ?Fuel Filter 385 4 ?Wiper Blades (pair) 800 5 ?Spark Plug Set (4) / Glow Plug 1,062 6 ?Timing Belt/Chain - 7 ?Fan Belt/Drive Belt 671 8 ?Front Brake Pads (set of 4) 2,450 General repair (GR) 9 ?AC Evaporator coil 4,307 10 ?Radiator Hose Set 951 11 Front Strut / Shock Absorber 2,310 12 ?Front Brake Drum/Disc 2,230 13 Front Suspension Lower Arm 2,490 14 ?Clutch & Pressure plate 3,700 15 ?Clutch release Bearing 8,035 Accidental Body Parts (AB) 16 ?Front Bumper 2,500 17 ?Wheel Rim ( each ) 2,499 18 ?Front Fender RH 2,550 19 ?Bonnet 6,490 20 ?Radiator 5,350 21 ?Door Assy Front LH ? ? 6,481 22 ?Boot Lid / Tailgate 6,600 23 ?Head Light Assy. LH 3,900 24 ?Tail Light Assy. LH 2,325 25 ?Front Wind Screen Glass 3,826 26 Side Mirror ( with casing ) LH 1,320 Aggregate of Parts Prices 74,453 #price as provided by fiat official PREDATOR2010-10-09 10:02:29
  5. Linea T-Jet

    friends i am having price list of spare parts of fiat linea tjet but i dont know how to post please help mePREDATOR2010-10-08 06:42:24
  6. Linea T-Jet

    today i have talked to the fiat personnel he told me that the car has reached to their workshop and and they are having their pre delivery inspection
  7. Linea T-Jet

    Yes a receipt has been given to me and the color and variant is not chosen till now the sales executive at that time was not having any information .PREDATOR2010-10-05 13:39:11
  8. Linea T-Jet

    Post deleted. BornFree2010-10-05 13:53:48
  9. Linea T-Jet

    But my booking has been taken and the person said that 10 cars have been already booked.
  10. Linea T-Jet

  11. Linea T-Jet

    On sunday i booked my linea t jet at autolinks .I called the showroom today and the sales executive told me that two models are comming tjet and tjet+ . tjet will be costing Rs. 15000 more then the current model and tjet+ will be costing Rs. 40,000 to 50000 more then tjet , it includes leather seats and 16 inch alloy wheels . He told me that he has booked two cars for test drive and they are on its way and will be reaching in 4 - 5 days.
  12. Polo Saloon Is Vento (now in Showrooms)

    Hey from today vento is available for test drive . This information is as per told to me by the showroom personnel.PREDATOR2010-09-06 21:23:08
  13. Polo Saloon Is Vento (now in Showrooms)

    Hey its a great news for you all the volksWagen vento is now on display in delhi . Yesterday i went to south Ex to see that car and the car rocks . But it will be available for testdrive only after 3 to 4 days
  14. VW Polo, the real big thing

    Hey its a great news for you all the volksWagen vento is now on display in delhi . Yesterday i went to south Ex to see that car and the car rocks
  15. Today i went to regent automobiles okhla for the service of my beat .after the service is being done i enquired my advisor about cost of service and spare parts of CRUZE . He told me for : 4th service the cost is 2500rs which is within 20000 km 5th service the cost is 4000 to 5000 which includes change of air filter and some a/c filter At 25000 km 6th service costs rs 10000 to 11000 which includes engine oil , break oil, collant car wash etc at 30,000 km this all costs us about 18000 rs for 15000 km and when i ask him about price of clutch plate and pressure plate and fly wheel including labour it will cost rs. 50,000 . I was shocked while hearing this price .