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  1. Today gone to regent automobiles okhla and shown this problem to the advisor and he said he has released a pipe but at the time of test drive it was all same .had a great argument with them because they had done nothing and they said that all the beats are same . I saidto reprogramme the ecu buy didn't do it . I think buying a chevrolet car is my biggest mistake of my life

  2. Yes i have test drive the car and i think it was different thats why i have purchased this one and from the time i have purched the car it is having the same pickup and due to this i have shown the car to the service centre and the executive sais that he has done the programming in the car , for 1 day the car ran very well but after it it was back on its track.

  3. I have completed 1300 km with my chevy beat but till now there is no pickup in the car . If 4 people sit in the car it becomes a dump even a autorikshaw is having a far better pickup then my car . Even if     There is only me in the car still the car takes too much time to reach 40 .i think i have done my lifrs biggest mistake by buying this car . I have also told this problem to the company but they are saying that the car pickup will become normal agter 5000 km i said to them how is it possible ??? I have also purchased other vehicles but they hadn't show this type of problem . I am advising you all not to buy chevrolet beat because till now my experience is very bad , but dont know about the future.

  4. I want to conform from you all if ford I still having high maintancr cost or it's now decreased . I want to know because I am confused between chevy beat and ford figo as chevy is claiming that they are having Chevrolet promise that till 45000 km if the cost of the car maintainence exceeds 14000 rs all the money will be refunded after 3 years And I dint know nothing about ford figo . So please tell me which one is better ???? Please members please!!!!

  5. Friends I am going to buy chevrolet beat within a week .so I need help of you all . Can you all please tell me from where in Delhi can I get best deal in terms of discount, freebies , etc. Please reply as early as possibe... I want to purchase LT model which costs Rs -4280000 /- on road Delhi