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  1. Mobis and Kai Is having a joint venture with Hyundai in which they are selling their parts to Hyundai. It means hyundai is selling the same parts which are actually manufactured by mobis and kai .But yesterday I visited Kashmiri gate there the shopkeeper told me about the huge difference in price of mobis and Hyundai as hyundai is having very much huge rate difference but both the things Are same . I had gone there to purchase pistons for my accent viva and mobis was costing me rs. 4800 and Hyundai orignal was costing me rs. 14500 .is it true ?that they both are same please suggest as fast as you all can. Is there is any possibility that the mobis one are dublicate please suggest !PREDATOR2009-10-22 20:24:22

  2. just now i have talked to rana motors they said that the car will launch in this week with some changes in the engine and there is a delay because there are elections going on in hariyana and only petrol version is going to be launchedPREDATOR2009-10-14 12:32:36