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  1. Bhai how can you say booking is closed for 7 months becauseghe car making capacity of toyota is 600 / month and as you said that 3000 bookings are done .so how can it be seven months it should be 5months and there is no company in india who will not do booking of its cars either it is 3000or 10000
  2. my friend new linea is cmng this sept but i m not able to post the pics because my computer is not working but i think till tmrow i will post the pics
  3. Buddy this info was given to me by rama motors so i think to would not lie to me
  4. bhai ajj 2 sept ho gayi new santro haha hai hawa mn khabar likh dete ho kya
  5. Yes you are right ... And every body please light this topic by more views , comments and your opinions please
  6. Today i contacted chevorlet and asked them about cruze and the person said i will be arriving this end of september and its ex -showroom price will be 13 lakhs RS
  7. If engine efficiency And Fuel efficiency not increased thenfiat will flop
  8. Sharash can you please post the pics of the car
  9. If the car priced between 9 to 10 lakhs , then i think the car will break all existing sales records! PREDATOR2009-08-30 20:35:22
  10. The car cost will be increased by rs50,000 to 80,000 rs in between
  11. Yes i am totally satisfied with chawla ji because same problem here with my linea
  12. This car is not having that feeling i think the car will flop
  13. I also think same if fiat increases its car price then their car will be lost in another world, it means none of any person buy it. still the car is having insufficient engine which makes too much effort to go to 100 km/hr !!
  14. Friend i own maruti zen my car has run about 343000 kms and still the engine is fine and till now i have spend 80000 rs in 10 years for my car mantainance
  15. There will be many interior changes in the car i will be posting the pictures shortly
  16. my source of info is rama motors
  17. Yes the most awaited car fiat linea 1.6 is comming soon in september next month and this car is free of all the problems faced in older lineas and thats why dealers are giving discounts on their older versions and there is also a news that the car is having 6air bags and black pannel
  18. I want to ask still techno auto will be giving discount
  19. Friends today i visited to rama motors okhla to buy a linea for my brother , but the person was only giving me discount on current stock worth rs.8000 and floor mats only and when i told him that i want delivery on 1 october he said no discount will be available But when i had purchased my car from techno auto in june i got soo much discout and many freebies and i think this time also they will are also provide good after sales service and freeboes so, you all please tell from where should i puchase the car so i can get the best deal ?? And is there any new thing in fiat linea because of which the person is not giving discount on booking !!PREDATOR2009-08-24 19:20:50
  20. Hey friends can you please tell which are the best seat covers for my linea my budget is 20000 rs

    Warranty issue

    buddy in the past i was suferring the same as you with my honda city the company sales manager says that if you dont buy the alloy wheels from company your warranty will be elapsed but whenever i want to take my car to the service centre i used to change them with the orignal one