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  1. Sorry, after nov 2004 by launching its new honda city exi worth rs 680000 only . And i will praise honda for the planning they had done first launching a car at a very cheaper rate and after year by year making every indian pockets empty thinking that we indians are fools

  2. There are lot of people who buy cars just for name and looks. They don't know about any features' date=' they dont take TD, they just buy because someone they know brought it and said it is a great car. Unless such people are there Honda will continue to sell cars in India.[/quote']


    This theory holds good for all the cars!! I dont know why you are behind Honda. There are people who buy Suzukis, Fiats, Tatas?on the same grounds!!

    Expensive price of Hondas do not make it a bad car!!!


    I never said it is a bad car. I am saying it is only a overpriced car with less features than other cars and it is selling only because of brand name and reasons stated above.

    I think sharash you are absolutely wrong i think honda is a very expensive car to purchase and its cars are only being sold on premium because of its reputation which he had made after nov 2007

  3. Dude how can you relate a car and food? Your post is point less, tomorrow you will relate a car with an elephant. Spending rs 1000 and rs 900000 is making a lot of difference. I dont know if you are too much rich that you cannot make difference with a car and food .
    If you buy a newly arrived pizza worth rs 500 and if its taste is not good its ok !! Next time you will not buy it .
    But if you spend 9lakh rupees on a newly arrived car without knowing anything about it then i think you the biggest phool in this world !!


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  4. If u buy i20 then its afyer sales service is good buy u have to empty ur pockets when ur warranty is over where as affording punto is very very much cheaper then i20 but its after sales service till now is not so good because i own linea and there was some problem in the handbrake and the part was not available no where in delhi so it was transported from mumbai and took 4-5 days to get it fitted into the car and before purchasing the car the dealer has promised me that all the linea parts will be availabe with them.

  5. today i have given my car for service and when i brought it home a type   of spray sound starts coming from my car when i open the bonut the engine was very very warm and the collant was comming out like a hot spray and its cap was totally closed .

    So anyone please tell me whats the broblem in my car ????

    And before the service was done my car drinks up all the collant in just 1 week and i there is no lekage in my car as i have it in the machenic