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  1. The radiator fan is working properly. The car overheats only when the car is idling with the A/C on. The car DOES NOT heat when the car is idling with the A/C off. I sent the car for servicing today , they checked the thermostat , the radiator fan , cleaned the radiator but the problem WAS NOT CORRECTED. They said that they did everything they could but the car still overheats!!
  2. the problem is encountered only at standstill that too with the A/C on. Yes the car remains perfectly normal on the move. Low end as well as top end power is the same. The thermostat valve was removed after the ASC guys had nothing else to do.
  3. Hi, I own a 2005 model Mahindra Scorpio CRDe . My car keeps overheating on idling with the A/C on . This happens just after 5 mins of idling. The temp needle rises up right to the extreme end. I have got the car checked a number of times by the ASC but in vain. The mechanics have checked the radiator fan , the coolent and also the thermostat. In the last service the valve of the thermostat was removed. Please help me out as this is turning out to be a major problem. Thanx in advance