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  1. wohh!! actually the driver was calling to Tata Motors people.he was telling them about me.. he cought me while taking photos... he wanted to confisticate my mobile phone..but only my Mobile memory card got confisticated...we were arguing for half an hour...but i cought these pics by another hidden camera... Tushky2008-02-26 16:58:03
  2. Manish is a very nice and Helpfull person. trust him i really want to attend the speed run.. but i have my exams from 3rd march. i wish my exams get postponed.....
  3. spotted couple of New Tata Indigo near pune. the car is very stylish. it has some design lines of Tata Elegante Concept from rear. Interior is same as New Indica. front grill Seems different than New Indica. Tushky2008-02-26 11:12:15
  4. man!!! awesome scoop by WCF. but i dont think this is the new safari.. It looks like Xover to me. wheelbase seems small., from side the c piller is very much like Xover. and also Grille reminds me Xover. Tushky2008-01-29 16:31:54
  5. thank you pryas.. and yes, i snapped these photos. was lucky that day. i was in Suzuki Showroom on highway and this car was going from there.
  6. thank you very much FRG. the rear looks taller. or it is just a fake material to hide real shape?
  7. my family is looking for new car. currently we own Omni. now want to buy hatchback. budget is upto 4.5 lakhs. now i am confused Between spark and estilo. which one is better buy? we just want a comfy car for 5 people. i like estilo but still outdated model image( international market) let me down. and about spark small boot let me down. please suggest me a good choice.
  8. but you get disk break to bicycle also.so why not 10bhp bike?? and even HH splendor comes with disk break.
  9. i dont understand, can anyone tell me how many models of electric bikes are available in india??
  10. Tushky

    Hello guys...

    Hormazd and Jeremy are friends!! new news for me. how come??
  11. Tushky

    hi friends

    welcome reddy.. please post the pics of lexus man. it seems fantastic car.
  12. Bajaj XCD comes without disc break. dont know about Flame. but i feel flame is better than XCD. front indicators of flame looks stylish
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    They Type R is a coupe not a sedan Id really like the Honda Accord Euro a.k.a. Honda Accura. Unlike the mainstream Accord' date=' it is better than the Camry.[/quote'] yes european accord looks really sporty, i have seen couple of accords in Poland. truly great car.
  14. zavo tatas cars are not enough good, but they are not worst. and currently they are selling their 1st genereation cars.it was their firstever try..new indica v3 might be brilliant.and current indica/indigo is far better than those stupid and copycat chinese cars.atleast tata can make their own unique car without anyones help. we indians should cheer up tata to make better product.
  15. cant say anything right now.both bikes are set to launch in November. but still i will go for exceed.
  16. yes still i cant find edit button.. and please make it like this. member cant edit post after 25 to 30 min. also emoticon should be limited for one post. say 3 or 4 emoticon per post.
  17. i drive omni.. it is not a very good car.. oops!! sorry VAN.. but i hate it because of bad suspension and cheap image. but worst car you can buy in india is.San Strom.. poor quality,old engine, high price tag and no service.
  18. toyota RAV4 Mazda http://youtube.com/watch?v=TtVFA8Tsvuo
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    welcome friends.. well what are you talking about?? which deal??
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    i dont hate bikes...but dont have interest in bikes.. AUTOCAR... i love cars cars n cars..ohh yeah btw ..hello DCeite
  21. ofcoures Autocar is best megazine.. Overdrive is . they always take others Credit. even they dont have manners to say Thanks . Autocar India is world cl*** megazine. full of auto news. i cant wait to read new issues. and please start giving news of Commercial vehicles.
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    Hello people

    hey welcome dippy. nice to see you here.
  23. hmmm.... well now i cant wait for new one. i was in need of vehicle. any pics or idea about new activa???
  24. hmmm 120kmph in my Maruti Omni 180kmph in Ford Focus Hatch 117kmph on Pulsar 150 70kmph on Scooty ES