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  1. You mistyped the Year as 2007 instead of 2009.
  2. WoW! Sudeep Well found article. Now I must say that Pulsar 180 Really Rocks. Great Going Bajaj Auto Ltd. @flash Please go through the sites mentioned by Sudeep. You can see the Pics of Pulsar 180 DTSi which is indeed made by Hamara Bajaj of INDIA.
  3. We hear or read that so-and-so person has filed a complaint against a company or institute or dealer,etc. in Consumer Forums because he got bad product or service. My Question is-- After filing a complaint, do the Consumers really Require a Lawyer to Fight for their Rights? Or They Themselves can Fight the Case in the Consumer Forums against the Lawyer of the Third Party (Company, Institution, Dealer, Service Station, etc.)? Please guide on this. I have read so many Examples of Bad Products and Services on this Autocar India Forum. Of them are Luukie, Crazy Cat and Sudeepd. I feel Sorry for them-- 1. Luukie bought an Accent which also has so many problems. He should have bought after thorough Checking of the car at the dealer. 2. Crazy Cat suffered from the Service Costs of his Logan. Renault -Mahindra is Charging a Bomb for the Service of Logan. 3. Sudeep since his vehicles suffered a lot. Tata Vehicles are Really Bad in Quality. They did not develop the DICOR Engine for Indigos properly unlike Safari. Poor Chap. Many of his queries are left answered here. There are many examples other than these. I would advise these people to Teach a Nice Lesson to these Dealers. So please tell whether it is Mandatory to Hire A Lawyer While Filing a Complaint in Consumer Forums?
  4. Anijog, You have answered so many Insurance Queries under this topic. Can you please answer my above query? I repeat-- How is the Insurance Premium Amount of A Car Calculated? How much Percent of Car's Ex-Showroom Price is the Insurance Premium Amount? This will be helpful to other members as well since we will pay only the required amount and not any thing extra.
  5. Instead of creating a new topic for my query, I thought of posting here since this topic has heading "Problems faced with Pulsar 180DTSi". I have 2 years old Pulsar 180 Dtsi.i.e.with LCD Speedo. Since yesterday evening, the Starter Motor of my Pulsar 180 failed.i.e., the Starter Motor is not even cranking let alone Starting the Engine. All other Electricals (Horn and Indicators) are working properly (On Battery). Can any one please guide me on this.
  6. Hi everyone, Nice to join this forum. I have Query on Insurance. How is the Insurance Premium Amount Calculated? How much of Percent of Car's Ex-Showroom Price is the Insurance Amount? Regards, Hrithik.
  7. Does the problem occur at Standstill with AC ON even after removing thermostat? What if you turned AC OFF at Standstill? Get the Radiator Flushed out with Pressurised Water and fit a NEW Thermostat. Please don't drive without Thermostat. I have a remarkable experience of driving the car with a faulty thermostat which would not open up when the engine is hot and the Engine would overheat and Stall. So get the Radiator removed from the car. Get it Flushed with Pressurised Water and Fit New Thermostat as well. When I replaced our car's thermostat and got the Radiator Flushed, my car's overheating problem was solved.Touchwood.