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  1. The All new Mahindra Thar will be launched on the 21st of December 2010 in Bombay. This ends the long wait that 4x4 aficionados, Mahindra loyalists and Jeep lovers in general have been waiting for. The Thar, first introduced to the Public in the Indian Auto Expo earlier this year, will feature two engine options, a CRDe and a regular MDi version. It has already found a number of fans around the world in markets such as Italy and South Africa where it was launched a few months ago, and has equally captured the hearts of thousand of members on popular automotive forums in India. A Revival of a legend indeed.
  2. The Scorpio will be in the United States in the NExt 6 months. And yes, It has already been crash tested and it passed too.
  3. A very very well written for a Stunning looking bike. She looks like Pure Evil in Black! Absolutely Brilliant!!
  4. The rumors and speculations have boiled down to this. Seen below in the pictures is the Mahindra Thar. When caught up to on the Mumbai Pune Expressway, it was doing around 140kmph comfortably with short bursts of speed even quicker than that. As known, the Thar will have the old MM540 Body Shell, but with Scorpio Running Gear.
  5. Good Day fellas. I have been a member here long, but never really bothered posting. But I think it was high time so here is my first Post. As my Nick shows, I am a HUGE Star Trek fan. Basically, I am a Sci-Fi fan, and so naturally, I like all things quick and sleek. On the Top of my list though are those Brilliant things we call CARS.... I soo wish I had a KITT.....
  6. They most certainly will launch a Diesel in the market soon. I remember seeing some pictures on the internet of a CRV Diesel.