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  1. guys Any details about the macho bike below the v-max pic?
  2. kain

    To choose what?

    FZ is the best choice for city driving for its outstanding handling & manoeuverability. Am in chennai, did 3k th my FZ. am getting 45 in clustered city traffic. Go for it
  3. kain

    Engine Awards

    Can anybody help me to read about TSI technology in detail
  4. kain

    Best tourer

    @WINNER dude drive it and you will love to get yours jeans dirt..oh man its not noise, the grunt of macho and sturdy bike
  5. kain

    Best tourer

    dude missed out the RE tourers..anyway i voted for zmr fi
  6. @ blu sapphaire its real photos and I have seen it..I ve been near to car and I wondered that its engine s so smooth
  7. obviously who s gonin to pay for sub 4m JAZZ which is only having space for 8 lacs
  8. @ bala, do u think shine s givin better mileage than splendor & also is it look good..how evru drive it wont giv more than 55
  9. kain


    GODDAMN then it ll surely die before Yammys fazer. wat u all say
  10. Hi dinesh, Nice to hear that U also bought ur Yammy from Paras..and thanks for d reply
  11. Hi all, I own a FZ 16. Covered 1800 kms in 2 n half months. Until last month, ma bike tone from 0-70 kmph will be same without any stress..after 70 kmph there comes diff grunt noise (which I think normal for this 14 bhp ) Usually I drive in 50 - 70 kmph range. but now only upto 50 kmph the sound is same. At 55 kmph I am feeling like my engine s under stress with a diff tone (which I dint feel yester months). Is that a problem?..or any FZ users experiencing this? I love my bike..so pls help me in this if u can
  12. See its written in Right side Engine area
  13. Hi Guys, Any one know wat is the YRCS written in FZ engine..
  14. Yes mam u can do that..The fairing itself costs 7K. U can fit it. But how ll u change the handle bar position which in Fazer adapted for touring..i mean an upright position
  15. Hi guys, Recently I spotted this car in pune..camouflaged..Looks really great..long..having curvaceous bonnet..side look indicates Audi A Series
  16. Hi , me owns a fz..lack of kicker may be looks updated and sophisticated..but during cold start times am facing a lot of difficulty. this makes me to press the starter motor for atleast 10min..I fed up with this stupidity
  17. Dude Madras s not inferior to bangalore..here i bought it for 73k u kno
  18. Hi guys, wat u think..it cant beat the fastest indian in performance. absolutely looking like suzu gs front..rear end like its own xtreme..
  19. But how much u r confidence about 180 rather than 160..Go for 160 its reliable
  20. am in chennai. its costs 67 here... RTR dont have much engine problem...Go for RTR Fi its simply amazing..crossing 110 kmph in 11 sec..Amazing pickup and torque..U ll simply love it..For the price of FZ u can get RTR Fi which ll have much better mileage, Pickup, Torque..Also Spares ll be cheaper and service ll be good..
  21. dude its one and only Apache RTR 160..No bike except R15 matches its performance..Really..