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  1. Water is coming inside through the ac vent above the bonnel left side in maruti 800 1991 model. There is rusting in side the AC vent on bonnet and water comes mainly while washing and rarely during heavy raining. How much does it cost to replace the pannel inside the ac vent? plz help
  2. Thanks Anjan, Anyway, I replaced mineral oil with Castrol Magnatec 10w40 which costed 1000/- for 3L and also changed Oil filter(MGP). Now engine sound reduced and feeling more pickup. But engine is heating up more with castrol. When I did run engine idle for 20 mins the radiator fan is switching on more frequently as it was before oil change. Is normal? or should I change to Magnatec 20w50? plz help.
  3. Is it safe using synthetic oil in Maruti 800 1991 model clocked 90KKm. I think the Maruti Oil spec. that time was SG/20w40 plz correct if wrong! As SG rating is obsolete now, which is the equivalent new rating? Synthetics like castrol Magnatec rating 10W40/20W50, any of these can replace 10W40 rating safely? One person told me that in old cars, M800 1991, the gap between cylinder and piston will be more than new generation cars so using synthetic or 10w40 oils will create engine problems and its better to go for original 20w40 or 20w/50 it true? plz help
  4. The castrol website says Magnatec is a SAE 10W-40 grade oil. As far as I know maruti recommends SG/20w40 grade for M800 1991 model. But I found Castrol 'Motor Oil' conforms to API SG/CD, SAE 20W50. So please help me to decide...
  5. Please tell me which grade engine oil ie. SF, SG, SH is good for Maruti 800 1991 model which clocked over 90K.
  6. I see only one type pump in their website It says: "The fuel pump is mounted inside the reservoir and supplies fuel to the engine and to the module
  7. Anybody knows where can I buy 3M car care products ie. petrol tank additive etc. "" in cochin/kerala. Any online shops for the same?
  8. Is it possible to replace mechanical fuel pump with electronic one in Maruti 800 Carb 1991 model without any performance or compatibility problems? If yes, which make should I go for?
  9. Thanks for the advise. Now, I finished patch & painting work in one gaurage in Cochin not MAS, and also replaced most of the body parts. The gaurage guy told me that he is using sandex paint with hardner so no need of clear coat. The total expense is as follows: Patch work - 5000 full body painting(white) - 7000 Dismantling & assembling- 2000 Engine, gearbox removing & fixing for bonnet painting - 2000/- Spare parts - 8000/- Total-24,000/- Plz tell me if he charged reasonable...I'll post pictures soon.. The dashboard not painted as the guy told me the paint will peel off later so better not to paint. Is it true? If I do it in MASS approx. what will be the difference in quality & cost? How much does it cost to replace full wiring kit at MASS for M800 Type-I (91) carb model? Plz help.
  10. Thanks for the help. Is it necessary to unbolt the doors and refix after painting? Any problems if door r not unbolted? Plz tell me the approx price difference of paint job using dupont and ordinary paint? That guy quoted 6-7K for normal paint and 10-11K for dupont, and painting not in heat chamber. plz help
  11. My maruti 800 STD AC 1991 model is undergoing restoration work which includes complete patch and painting in a local gaurage. So, plz help me to get it done properly. That guy not unbolting doors and dashboard saying its not required for patch & paint work. He patched rusting under the doors anyway. Should I insist for unbolting doors and refixing? what about it required to unbolt it for proper work? I've asked to remove engine etc. for proper checking and painting of engine bay. Please tell me what areas should I check & what r the works should I insist for to get it done properly? He told me not to use dupond paint as its costly & my car is 91 model and I accepted it also. Please tell me which brand of paint should I go for and approx. cost. thanks in advance.
  12. One non-authorized maruti service centre at cochin quoted 4000 for patch work & 10,000 for Milky White full painting for Maruti 800 91 model. Please tell me if they charge reasonable?
  13. Now I'm posting the pictures of rusted portions of my Maruti 800 (1991) for your valuable suggestions if I should go for panels replacement or patch work and approx. cost of each. Thanks in advance
  14. Is it advisable patch work on M800 body? There is one hole approx. 2" on floor (Letf front legspace) and some other areas ie. above back left wheel also rusted. MAS people advised not to patch work because welding those holes with sheet metal pieces will make rusting to outer side of welding and at last i would have to replace the entire panel. is it true? is it better to replace floor panel than patch work? if so how much the floor panel cost? is it welded to body or nut&blot work? plz help