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  1. Ford india site is not showing the ground clearance of new Fiesta. Something is wrong, I guess.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Yesterday I visited the Showroom and Sales guy told me that it has 154 mm of ground clearance. But he insisted that its under body can not be scrapped easily on speed breakers because its suspension is built like that. If it is true then then Ford has done a blunder. Country like India where road conditions are not well, a car should have enough ground clearance.
  2. How much (fuel average) it gives? have you seen the new ad. of Maruti on Tv?
  3. Kitna deti hai?.. Is it the right strategy from a leading car maker by making fun of Indians? I have no words to express my .
  4. well its more then one year old car and has crossed 24k mark.they took only two hour sincepart was available.only one breakdown in 24 k I think its not too bad as you are saying.My Hyundai Sonnata gold always face part availability problem.Toyota and honda always charge premium for their parts.Take a look Toyota Innova remote key-9000 Rs.
  5. I think fiat has improved a lot.My Linea's starter motor was replaced with in two hour and I was treated very well.I can remember when my Maruti Esteem's starter motor was repaired in two days. Great going Fiat.
  6. forget about this because we indian have blind faith in Toyota,Maruti, Honda.They can not do anything wrong And now The news you were waiting for. The first model from Toyota's Etios range will be the sedan and NOT the hatch! ..
  7. suzuki should also go ahead to bring original SX4x4. because it has a good GC to get the tag of Crossover Car.
  8. well said are right.Punto is much better car.
  9. I think that you should go for Innova if u want safety, comfort, ASS peace of mind of toyota, & if you want some luxury with less budget then go for Xylo. you can also take a test drive Tata winger with three row A/c,seven seater.
  10. well I20-D was beaten by Punto in overdrive test. (Overdrive recently did a small car shootout. They travelled from Chandigarh to Ladakh in 9 small cars. The cars were A-star, Ritz diesel, Swift petrol, i10 1.1, i20 diesel, Indica Vista diesel, Punto diesel, Jazz and Fabia Diesel. At the end of the test, acc. to them i20 diesel was a disappointment on hills as there way no torque under 1800 rpm. They clearly mentioned that it was the worst of the lot. While comparing the Hyundai crdi and Fiat Multijet, Sirish from overdrive clearly said the Hyundai diesel doesn't stand a chance against the Fiat Multijet. Well, views are clearly from overdrive and not mine.)-posted by Nim12esh on welcome Linea-page no.108. The winner was Ritz DDis with fiat engine & i20 came lastvinay rathore2009-09-12 18:38:39
  11. we Indian like the car 'with a boot' . but in my opinon its a hatch car 'with a bolted boot' .
  12. Indica Vista Brand is etablished in Indian market so far no usual problam like this.
  13. msd63 from my experience I can say alignment and tyre rotation must be done every 5000km.
  14. true man Linea is not a under -power Car. It can acheive mile stone in Indian Auto Industry with this VGT- Engine.Though its a smaller engine but with the help of VGT Charger it can beat Optra-d 2ltr engine.