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  1. Update regarding Central locking in Vento:

    I visited the dealership again and took a quick look at the owners manual and also checked the central locking mechanism in TD vehicle.

    When centrally locked through the button at drivers door, it is only locked from outside, internal door open levers are not locked, and with a single pull, the door opens. This is serious issue for people who have young ones on board. In India, kids do not always sit in child's seat and they would prefer to sit in front seat. While the rear doors can be clild locked, it becomes inconvinient for the driver to get down and open the rear door every time someone wants to get down from rear seat. Also, for the front passenger door, there is absolutely no locking mechanism from inside. I spoke to Service Manager at the dealership, he mentioned to me that similar concern has been expressed by other people and also polo owners. He mentioned that they tried several options at their side to configure it, they could not figure out anything, so they have referred this concern to VW Plant couple of days back, so expecting a reply anytime now. He also said VW has been responding to their queries within couple of days, so in max 1 week of time, there could be a response. He has also taken down my number and assured me that he will inform me once he heard back from VW.

    Since I have 2 year old kid, this is concern to me, may be for me to buy this car, this needs to be addressed in some way. Otherwise I may have to cancel my booking.

    Forum members, you have any info in this regard?

  2. I have taken test drive of VW Vento Petrol Highline AT (auto transmission) 3 times at <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Bangalore on different roads. I got a chance to test drive it for more than 50 KMs together probably much more than most of the people who would have test driven. I have also test driven Honda City AT for about 25 KMs on peripheral ring road in Bangalore, so will also mention my comparison in the sections below as Vento is in direct competition with Honda City.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Styling - Exterior:

    Vento is a regular understated sedan, looks quite descent if not flashy or eye catching. Front grill, air dams and headlights look good. The guage of the metal sheets and the window glasses is very good and clearly German. The bonnet and the doors are very heavy and built to last for several years. 15 inch alloys look good, comes fitted with Appollo Acelere or JK Vectra 185/65 R 15. I wish if they come with Bridgestone though. Tire width is acceptable if not very good, dealers here are not ready to upgrade to 195 width and warranty will be void if done outside. Door handles are very good, would have liked bit of chrome splashing on the door handles, and sash garnishing to enhance the looks. These are not even on the accessories list, currently most of the accessories are not available at the dealerships yet. I would give 8/10 for exterior styling. City's airoshoot form scores higher on this front, in my opinion 9/10 for city.


    Styling - Interior:

    The passenger cabin is very spacious, well supported seats at the front, with manually adjustable drivers seat. Rear seat leg room is very good and seats are comfortable though a touch lesser thigh support. We will have to work with Stanley seating to get that additional 1 inch cushioning for thigh support if one is planning to go for leather seating. Hump in the middle is on the larger side, however I guess this is present in many of the VW and skoda cars. Personally, I do not have problem with it as I do not prefer to seat 5 people except for short trips. Central arm rest at the front is in perfect height with integrated arm rest on the doors and the arm rest is adjustable for inclination angle. I have read in many blogs, this creates problem while changing gears, however for AT, this makes perfect sense. The arm rest at the rear is very wide and is in sync with integrated arm rest of the doors. The rear AC vents are adjustable to two different directions , so that both the passengers at the back can get the airflow directed towards them. On the rear seating position, Honda City scores higher than Vento as the hump at the middle is reduced considerably and the thigh support and back rest angle are in perfect position. However, front seats are equally supportive in both the cars.

    Dashboard design is good and functional but not anything stylish. Steering is adjustable for reach and rake. You will be able to get into a comfortable position using adjustable steering and driver seat adjustment. The visibility from the driver