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  1. To think practically, desire is far batter than amaze. Philosphically, amaze isn't worth selling heavily because of its intelligent designing or bigger boot space but because of the fact that a common man has parametred in his mind, that hondas are the ultimate epitome of luxury and fineness, and now its accessabile for hus pocket, so y not to buy it? Desire, I think that it looks ugly by extending swift's rear, rather it looks far more beeter than its old model and looks more refreshed, detailed, and sporty than amaze
  2. This terrano cant b called a game changer, as duster, an initiative low grade suv hasn't got a good market, what it has got is just because of looks but a practical thinker will always rely on toyata, mahindra, and tata for beeter utility because, by spending 1-2 lacs, he would get. A top notch starter suvs like safari, scorpio, innova and this low grade suv duster is impractical will get an alternative too the nissan teranno, which fact will only degrade the market for both. The terrano and duster are impractical because thry stand between the market of proper hatchbacks and starter classic suvs, in short they dont offer any practicality and with 1.5 lt. Engine isnt cost worthy