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  1. Hi, im interested in knowing the cost of maintenence of ford as well. Could the experts please give an insight to it? Many people who buy cars forget this scenario of additional costs of maintaining their cars. Im a prospective buyer of the fiesta too and would be glad to have some review on it. thanx
  2. well i heard that the fiesta is 5.5 lakhs. so that is not a problem. i would rather put an extra 1lakh than to purchase a 2nd hand fiesta. I like that the car is spacious and high on performance too. Any suggestions on the fiesta's cost of maintenence?
  3. my budget would be around 5 lakh give and take. how much is the SX4. rssh and anyone else could you recommend me a sedan which is good on maintenence but also a good performance car?
  4. Hi, my name is sudarshan and im new to this forum. Im interested in purchasing a sedan but im concerned about its maintenence. Im interested in views from people who already own any sedan and how much they spend on maintaining their cars.