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  1. guys, especially those who are concerned about maintenence can verify another factor into a car's cost. the cost of operation can also be taken into consideration after purchasing a car. An interesting test drive was conducted by ford and autocar gave a great coverage to it. maybe it will be interesting to you all. http://www.india.ford.com/servlet/ContentServer?cid=1178869206618&pagename=FIPL/DFYPage/Ford-Default&c=DFYPage
  2. yes your right deepal. in order to save some money, we tend to skip the regular service checks of our cars. im sure many of us do that. what happens is that due to lack of servicing, the performance of the car goes down and hence we spend more inorder to generate the same performance, as the car was delivering earlier.
  3. that is right. reliability is a major factor that comes into consideration after the car has been bought. no one wants to visit the service centers unless we are called for scheduled maintenence.
  4. the ikon does give great mileage. infact, a test drive showed it go over 35kmpl. thats on the highway but it was regularly touching 28kmpl. in the city ofcourse it will not match the same but yes, it does give great mileage. some more interesting factors such as cost per km can also be taken into account. http://www.india.ford.com/servlet/ContentServer?cid=1178869206618&pagename=FIPL/DFYPage/Ford-Default&c=DFYPage this will give you some idea of the test drive
  5. i wanted to ask all you guys, especially the ford owners like me. This article certainly proved that we dont take much into account about the cost of operation or the amount of money we spend per km on the car. Does that feature, change your views on buying cars now? Would you be more interested in know this feature about all cars before purchasing one?
  6. Common, the ikon is anyday better than logan. its not only good a more comfortable and sporty feel to it, but its better on the handling and performance as well. The mileage is much higher than people assume and its just a nice sedan ride
  7. For its performance, id say that the ford ikon has good performance in terms of pickup and power. Handling and comfort levels are top notch, which is a requirement for a good sedan In terms of reliability and mileage, Ikon did some tests which you can view here. http://www.india.ford.com/servlet/ContentServer?cid=1178869206618&pagename=FIPL/DFYPage/Ford-Default&c=DFYPage You will see the the mileage of this car is very good and the reliability of the car is exceptional.
  8. I think the Ikon shows alot of promise in its mileage and especially reliability. Thats what most indians want is reliability. On those tough roads and harsh conditions, we require a car that doesnt cost a lot to maintain after its purchase. I think the ikon shows very low cost of operation in the sedan market.
  9. Crazy cat, if you think about it, when an engine is pushed to such a distance in such a short period, the reliability does come into play. Your doing over 20,000 km in less than 2 months. Engine overheating and stress are some factors that will definately come under the scanner no matter how much care you take of the car. I believe that this does show good reliability of ford cars.
  10. ya, it was nice to see ford make such a huge distance in such a short time with no reliability issues
  11. Hi, my name is ragash and i had previously discussed on the cost of operations of a car, especially the ford ikon and the fiesta. I was digging some more information and i came across this writing from the ford website. apparently. by drving an ikon across india, they conducted a field test to derive the costs of operation of their ford ikon. Some eye-catching results made me start this thread... http://www.india.ford.com/servlet/ContentServer?cid=1178869206618&pagename=FIPL/DFYPage/Ford-Default&c=DFYPage
  12. rssh, i probably would be going to shaman ford in mumbai to ask about my fiesta. i dont think the monsoon is going to stop me. i want to enjoy the car in the rains, take a breezy drive down marine drive or better yet, enjoy my ford through the bandra-worli sealink cant wait ...thnx for info u guys.
  13. swiftvx i completely disagree. maintenence of ford cars is not that expensive as it seems. i researched through many ford owners and the numbers i got for maintaining their car was very small for a sedan. also the margin between ford and other cars was minimal too. furthermore, ford has reduced its maintenence costs considerably over the years. i just read an article, few days back, where ford announced to even further decrease their spare parts. i think your statement no longer holds true by research.
  14. well i would suggest ralf to go for the fiesta. from what i have read the cost of maintenence worries him. and i think fiesta is doing well with its reduced costs on spare parts as well as servicing.
  15. ok winner. that sounds promising too. and my friends also gave me some good news on the car. maybe u guys can update me on it. i asked them about the cost of maintenence and they said that over the time, the maintenence cost of fords have reduced and are now in the low category. the spare parts have become very cheap too. so not too much weight on the wallet, once the car is in the pocket