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  1. @ every one...!!! Nice to see everyone is contributing their views and giving their opinions..thanks to everybody... The final countdown.... After long search/ re-search in last 3 weeks ...Some body rightly mentioned each one of the car has lot of positives & lot of negatives ..but my winner is NHC ....the awesome look/driving pleasure/Honda's reliability made the difference here....I have decided to go for NHC. Finally, any news on the coming budget? Is it right time to buy new car or wait till budget? Any news on the auto forum about the budget?
  2. Hi Guys, After shortlisting Linea (Emotion) & SX4 -ZXi , yester day I had TD of NHC - SMT ..Driving is real pleasure & awesome look...!! Now one more added in my shortlist.... Is it worth to pay additional 1.5 L for NHC , if we compare the prices of the above Linea & SX4? Ofcourse , I see only two advantages -- Honda brand & re-sale value compared to the above two...correct..? Any expert opinions? any fresh economics study available ,if we retain for next 5 years of all these cars - Linea, SX4 & NHC interms of re-sale value & milegae? SS
  3. Hi, I will be driving ~30 kms in city/daily ... ~800 Kms in Highway/in month SS
  4. Thanks... Winner on your nice eye-opener on the mileage issue on Linea petrol... Now my balance is started tilted towards Linea...Next comes the big question..which everybody threatening me on Fiat... 1. Service cost & spares cost 2. Resale Value of Fiat cars in market 3. Service network for Fiat cars Is there new versions of thought on the above, which definitely make decision.. S.S.
  5. Hi, Ford Fiesta, which model you talking about ? SS
  6. Hi, I am also having same dilema...have you made any study on the mileage of Linea petrol & SX4 in Bangalore? SS
  7. Hi ...Thanks for quick reply... How's the mileage statistics in both cars in city? SS.
  8. Hi Friends, Currently I have Santo..I am planning to new sedan in the range of 7-8 Bangalore ..I have shortlisted Linea petrol & SX4. Read some opinions on this forum earlier...But I need fresh opinion from the team on the suggestions & take quick decision to-day... Which is the best in 'All in All '...? S.S.