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  1. honda has set a target sales figure of 2000 jazz per month. though it is obscenely overpriced with a lot of equipment missing you cannot take away the fact that this is the best hatchback ever. just checked up in the mag , the ANHC has creeped into the top 10 last month with good 3630 units. not bad coming 10th for a 9L car when so many cheaper or VFM cars are available in the same/lower segments. Honda has built its brand value and really would'nt be surprised if jazz manages that 2000mark/month. Inspite of being more expensive than the GP , jazz sales will outnumber the GP's surely.
  2. firstly congrats on your purchase. it looks real cool in red. yeah i agree its got better rear seats than the swift and the ritz but definitely not wrt i20. the i20 has better rear space and seats are more supportive.
  3. the ritz has been received very well by the consumers , the sales figures in the debut month speaks for it. since you wrote you would be driving in the city , the ritz is apt for you. the 1.2L producing 68 bhp is underpowered . the 1.4L should be better but at the cost of fuel economy. the ritz with the new K12M engine is more fuel efficient. being a maruti product its A.S.S. and maintenance will be much better and cheaper than the fiat. the GP however scores on the looks. it looks big on the outside but i am disappointed with the space inside. ditto with the linea. the plastic quality on the ritz is better than the GP. i would go for the ritz. all the best for your purchase.
  4. so winner what makes you contemplate the ANHC the worst car ? yeah its overpriced with a lot of equipment missing . i hope thats not your paramter on judging a car. hope you throw some light on this.
  5. @sparshq: you post your replies and let me post mine. lets not cross each other's way ... if u understand what m trying to hit at. there is no bashing ... its all truth which i've posted along with some figures and facts. m here to voice my opinion and not to please any members.
  6. the punto 1.2L belts out just 68 bhp which translates a poor power to weight ratio of 59.6! thats definitely not the one to pick ! the punto 1.4 L and the 1.2 i20 have almost similar power to weight ratios of 78 and 75 , so all the ball talk about i20 being underpowered is crap. price wise the asta and emotion are again similar with somewhat similar list of equipment. the GP is definitely a better looker. but the thing which tilts in i20's decision would be hyundai vs fiat. after maruti , hyundai has the biggest network. so i will stick to i20. i've driven the car and its fun to drive. if u are'nt wary about buying a fiat , then you could choose the GP. i'l suggest not to be in a hurry. if you can wait for sometime , let the GP "settle" in the auto industry and then see what response it gets in a few months. else take a TD of both and decide for yourself. all the best on your purchase !
  7. @ nimesh : 2 years back the ANHC was not available. i thought u atleast knew that. the 77 bhp wasnt to my taste , the most powerful car available in that price range was the sx4 , hence i picked up. read the post carefully dumbsack ! linea's dust ... haha ... you are either very ignorant or a moron. i'l tell the timings since u dont know them . 0-60 0-100 20-80 linea 6.21 15.14 14.04 santro 5.55 14.66 13.19 the 1.1L humble santro pips your so called "sedan". forget racings the sx4 and the ANHCs , you watch out for the small speeding santros in your mirrors. and give way to them else you gonna bite their dust ! if you dont believe the above figs , shell out a 100 bucks n pick up the latest ACI mag. what a pity that a 7.5 L car is outrun by a decade old 3L hatchback. and u freaks still say : no the linea is not underpowered ! accept it ! and FYI this is not europe where fiat thinks that it can build the same base. the GP was the best hatchback seller 2 years back in europe but can the same happen in india ? ofcourse no ! u wait and watch . FYI , the fiesta has a mileage indicator. dont just post anything for the sake of it .
  8. @nimesh my dad has the fuel efficient diesel fiesta ? any problem in that ? he commutes for 80+ kms everyday from home to factory . and i have the sx4 which i bought 2+ years ago . the ANHC wasnt launched then otherwise i would have picked up that in favour of the sx4. re the mileage , dont be fooled by the MID. have a mind of your own and do manual calculations. i've seen on youtube one guy posting 23.4 kmpl on his ANHC. and yes my dad's fiesta easily delivers 15-17 kmpl in city with ac. much more than your fiats ! rattly sx4 ? dont even think about racing your linea with an sx4. its gonna beat you hollow. your linea is better off racing with the 1.1L santro . Dont believe me ? the santro's is quicker 0-60 and 0-100 than your linea. and just because your crap metal is parked with an ANHC , you own one ? if my car is parked next to a bimmer ... it doesnt mean i own one. you can only buy fiat crap. @coolboy dont count your chicken before they are hatched. remember there were talks linea selling 2000+ units. wait for the year end. the hype surrounding the linea has died down. guess you know that fiat figures are on a downward slope . i can assure you fiat will find difficult to sell 500 lineas monthly from start of 2010.
  9. Do you own all the four cars?? How did you say that Linea delivers 9.5 kmpl in city when I myself achieve 12 kmpl in city driving (tankful method). Don't just blindly trust the auto mags. Infact ACI has not done any FE test of ANHC. In their test, they published estimated mileage. If you own ANHC, you get 10.5 kmpl so what, I own Linea petrol and get 12 kmpl. You need to drive a 1000 km old Linea petrol and then you will know what real fun is. I don't think you own any of the above cars... Also, don't tell me about the mileage of ANHC because I own that also. But I don't mention it in my signature because I regret buying it. did i say i own all the 4 cars ? and is it necessary to own a thing to have knowledge about that? if u have some knowledge about a boeing 747 ... is it necessary to own a plane to have some knowledge on that ? talk some sense atleast .... some ! my take one by one ... i own a sx4 , my dad has a fiesta , two of my cousins have bought an ANHC this year and a friend of mine has got a linea. i've spoken to a lot of linea owners and have read a lot of stuff about the same. as per it , it delivers b/w 9-10 km/l (ac in city). and u are the only one whos reported 12kmpl . even the smaller 1.2l palio barely manages 10 kmpl . so dont fool around bragging that 12kmpl ! to nerds that figure may seem real but count me out ! and the biggest joke ! you own an ANHC and u regret it ! going by your signature you can only buy crap from fiat clan ! you can only dream about a honda but cant buy it . hope fiat doesnt say bye-bye to india and you guys languish behind ! my sympathies to you ...
  10. yeah the linea is definitely underpowered ... so u'l surely feel the lethargic pickup. infact its got the poorest power to weight ratio of 72.5 ps/ton amongst the contemporaries . the proposed 1.6 L should do the trick at the cost of FE though. even i doubt the 1.4l linea returning 12kmpl in ac in city conditions. i hope you do tankful to tankful calculations and just do not go by the digital meter.