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  1. Friends help me, one of my family member is planning to buy an sx4 automatic.. your suggestions plz
  2. Winner of light car division at Global Green Challenge for emitting just of CO2 VCD rating says A-star 4th most environment friendly car in the world (after prius hybrid, civic hybrid, IQ) A-star - TopGear car of the year A-star - Autocar car of the year A-star - Zigwheels car of the year
  3. Its been a year since Maruti's first made-in-car A-star debuted in India. A-star is sold close to 2 lakh units across the world...Thanks A-star for making India proud..I still remember how i got excited when i first read about a-star in autocar........
  4. @me.carholic all my friends have ritz..Never said anything like your problem.could be specific and better contact maruti guys..
  5. Really I found the all around visibility is good. But one of my freinds who own ritz told me he spent time to get the right position..
  6. found at new scooters - duro and rodeo
  7. autoraj

    Nissan Pixo

    Do you know Nissan pixo is produced exclusively in India as Maruti Suzuki A-star. Nissan sources A-star and rechristens it as Pixo. Following the success, Nissan recently doubled its export order from Maruti (Refer Autocar September edition)..Great going A-star
  8. Really, the diesel Ritz sports unbelievable performance..I'm driving one. Regarding the demand, i think Maruti pumps out loads of Ritz..but the overwhelming demand for Ritz petrol is making maruti to difficult to meet the demand. I have not seen any car featuring in the most selling cars list in a month after launch.
  9. See this new commercial of A-star and enjoy the car stunts.
  10. I'm a proud owner of Maruti's A-star. First me and my wife got lured by the expressive eyes and funky styling of the a-star. I preferred the ice cool blue shade. But i had a doubt though the car is small, can i park it in our small garage. The steering is ultra smooth and even my wife who learned driving recently parked it comfortably. I tested the engine on the highway and believe me it put even some sedans to shame with its impressive performance...My only concern about the vehicle is not so large boot but how many times i need stowage space for larger items. For now, my baby too play with the vents and now i thank autocar for guiding me to buy the good car..A-star is 2009 Autocar small car of the year.