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  1. The boot lid need not be damped unless there are vibrations originating from that area. That's one of the benefits of a fibreglass enclosure for the subwoofer. It's so rigid that it doesn't transmit any spurious vibrations to the chassis or body of the car. The Sony XAV-601BT does have time alignment with increments in cms so you can set individual speaker distances from your primary listening position. But there is only one "custom" setting and the rest are presets.
  2. Sir, you won't require ear-insurance to listen to your music in this Polo. It's more like therapy, so definitely not for SPL dB drags that require 4 x 18" subs in plexiglass This system is tuned for sound quality that approaches studio quality monitoring.
  3. that is correct Mr. PrancingHorse. Situated opposite SoBo Central mall in Tardeo, Mumbai.
  4. Mounting tweeters on the A-pillars was an option but it does restrict some visibility, is a complicated and time consuming process and restricts flexibility in "aiming" the tweeters for the best front soundstage. thank you for the tips on additional damping.