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  1. well thats ur view.....i dnt wanna comment to ur nonsense if u have money n if u know bttr things do it......i know abt my installs and spending it in a proper way u need not talk abt technokrat.....can u jus name some othr install who do a bttr job??? bttr know stuff then talk dont jus blabber coz u can also post!!!!! btwn dnt know abt these processors and pls dont comment....and abt my typing am used to type in short !!!!! first know things n then talk dont jus blabber

    Phew! Such an angry post with no answers.

    Better installers - Driven, B&T, etc. Tecnokrat are better than average but not great.

    Lets try this again:

    1. Name some other damping brands/materials. Also you must have tried all of them and done a comparison, so can you post your views/measurements?

    2. Why do you use plexiglass for speaker cabinets when its not an acoustically good material?

    3. Why is your midbass and tweeter aligned in that fashion? What are the sonic benefits?

    P.s.: btw = by the way. btwn = between?!

  2. dynamat is not a good damping material......thr r bttr brnds ..

    Can you please name some? And since they are better I assume you have tested them, so can you please throw some performance figures for comparison as well?

    then the way ur 3 way mid placed nd the tweeter is not syncing with the car it should be placed in a btter place jus look at the installations done in my cars!!!!!!!

    What are you gabbing? The Focal 165W-RC is a 2 way speaker! As already stated, the guy above wanted a clean A pillar, and there is nothing wrong with his install.

    Your install is very distracting, and your A pillar has more red paint than a fire truck. I don't get the logic in putting the midbass driver in front and the tweeter to the side. Can you explain this?

    Who uses plexiglass for speaker cabinets especially subs? The cabinet resonance is going to kill any sound quality. But I guess your audio setup is more for 'show'.

    these were done in chennai technokrat!!!!!!!they deal with high end cars and do accordig to our needs watever u ask they will do it.........latest my passat is being upgraded fully with kos processor will upload the potos in some time with detailed review!!!!!!!

    Tecnokrat just caters to the uber rich folk with more money than brains. Their high prices do not reflect in the quality of work. I've heard better sounding installs in Chennai, which cost much less. I remember a couple of years back they were pushing sub-standard chinese brands like Audible Dynamics for budget installs, when you could get a Blaupunkt setup instead. Whats this KOS processor? I don't agree with the idea of compromising audio by passing it through so many processors.

    P.s.: Can't an Audi A6 owner type proper english? SMS lingo is for kids.

    Note from Mod: Lets not get personal on the forum and talk about the topic at hand only , Thanks

  3. Desire, I think that it looks ugly by extending swift's rear, rather it looks far more beeter than its old model and looks more refreshed, detailed, and sporty than amaze

    I have to disagree. While the Amaze has a boot tacked on just like the D'zire, the integration is far better and looks like it belongs to the car. The Amaze isn't stylish, but its proportioned right and grows on you after a while.