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  1. @DD Real life has been keeping me busy and I needed a break anyway. Hope things are well at your end. With the family, work and especially the car. Yes. Almost a year. It has served well so far. Currently in the midst of dealing with endless calls from insurance agents regarding renewing the car insurance.
  2. Went to the service station for the first service. I've been quoted a total amount of 8500 for the servicing. This includes oils and coolent change. What struck out to me was the engine oil charges of 4500. Is that an appropriate amount? EDIT: Got my answer on @Ashikawa's thread. They used the Castrol Magnatec Professional B4 5W 40 which as specified by Ashikawa, is worth 970/litre. The fact that it would require 4-4.5 litre was the VW guy's guess and I guess I have to trust him on that. Car Update: 14,408 kms done and still a month to go before I complete 1 year. There were a few bumps and scratches on the car and some noises/cluttering noises from here and there but hopefully would be taken care of after the servicing. Overall a not too bad experience for the first year. asethi9192012-05-02 06:55:53
  3. Came back yesterday from a visit to Bombay. Lovely city. LOvely people. Everything was beautiful except for the traffic. Chose to be stuck in a taxi for hours but not take the local train and didnt regret it. There were certain bad experiences too. A 6 hour delay while going there and a 2 hour delay while coming back. Thanks again for that Kingfisher. Almost got run over by a rick spoilt brat in his daddy's mercedes. Traffic (non)sense is pretty much the same as it is in other cities around our country. There are ***** everywhere it seems. Will visit the city soon though.
  4. Bought the Dell Venue Pro. Have used iOS and have used Android but I must say Windows is the cleanest user interface I've personally ever seen. Loving it till now. The app world is obviously very limited but its growing. Loving how it has the slide out qwerty keypad and the AMOLED 4.1inch screen. Got it for 20.5K off
  5. I believe its a waste of resources. They should concentrate on improving their product line and solving the ever existing service and quality issues. Also get as far away as possible from Tata.
  6. I had a chance to visit the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team press conf. held on Friday. Jenson Button and L.Hamilton chatted up the crowd and were extremely entertaining. Jenson Button is particularly hilarious. I also got a chance to talk to Shapur Kotwal who is the Deputy Editor of Autocar India. I told him about being a member of the forum and we discussed the new ACI website for a bit. What a great guy!
  7. Congrats on the new car. I must ask though, how many more accidents and close shaves with death will it take before you stop doing [/]ridiculous things like not only driving but photographing yourself at extremely high and nonsensical speeds.
  8. The cheapest ticket right now for only race day is 3000. I think. You would also have to buy a bus pass to take you to and from the venue. Check on
  9. ACI homepage says that the F1 tickets are now available for slashed prices. Frankly I am not at all surprised to see this. The fact that the tickets aren't selling to their expectations is actually making me somewhat happy. Besides the prices being somewhat high(which is still acceptable considering the magnitude and importance of the event) I blame the moronic infrastructure for the lack of sales. In particular I am talking about the parking and transportation policies which are simply unacceptable. That is pretty much the sole reason why I am not going and the reason seems to be the same for a few other people I have asked.
  10. I already am registered for DND and I've also sent a complaint to Tata AIG through their website. If it does not stop soon, I will resort to using explicit profanities and probably legal action.
  11. I seem to have made a spelling mistake in the title. Mods if you could help please. Thanks!
  12. Most of the regular members know that my father bought a Honda City in November last year. From June onwards I have on a regular basis been receiving calls from Tata AIG salesman trying to force down their car insurance down my throat. And when I say receiving calls, I mean calls from different people EVERYDAY. I was at first just surprised to receive a call for insurance 6 months before it is due to expire but after a while I noticed that a lot of these untrained and somewhat rude sales people were actually claiming to be from Honda itself. After having regularly shouted at them and rejecting their calls, i decided to call Honda and ask if they had handed out my contact details to Tata. From Honda C.C. I found out that they apparently dont even have a tie up with Tata AIG. The customer exec. at Honda told me that insurance companies make it a regular habit of scoring potential client numbers from RTO offices. I have lost count of how many executives I have shouted at till now and still continue to receive 1 call every second day. For the past 2 weeks, I am also receiving calls from Bajaj Allianz and they seem to be equally troublesome about not stopping even when told that I am not interested. The only thing these calls ensure is that I specifically do NOT turn to these two companies whenever I do go out to buy insurance. asethi9192011-10-17 10:05:11
  13. Nice! Some epic TG episodes have been filmed at Isle of Man. And if there is any show out there that deserves these stamps, it is Top Gear.
  14. In the rickety old WagonR, there were way too many parts making way too much noise. The dashboard, seat belt clip, ashtray etc. No rattling whatsoever in the Polo.
  15. The redesign is certainly better than the last one. Although the somewhat startling amounts of google ads that have been put up on the website are ruining some of the user experience. An example being the polls have been pushed way down out of site because there are not one but two ad boxes above it. A lot of additional space is being wasted with the FB plug in being way too big and there being about 3 or 4 different banners promoting the magazine subscriptions.
  16. As much as I like the XUV, I picked the Yeti. I like it for its compact dimentions, interior quality and off roading ability.
  17. I say Ritz is a good option. But if you want to try something other than MS than i20, Micra and Figo are all good options. I'd personally pick the Figo.
  18. It seems much more polished from the spy pictures and I personally like it. The side profile is aggressive and impressive. Hoping for the base 4x2 version to be around 11.00 Lacs.
  19. Commendable pricing by Honda. Lets just hope the funky styling of the Brio goes down with the masses and this car will be a huge hit. Well done Honda!
  20. I got it fixed from a local mechanic. 250 for the fog light and socket. 250 for bumper clips being fixed. And a 5 rs elfy to reattach the bottom part of the grill's plastic that came apart. Took him about an hour. So the total cost was 505 rs and a lot of inconvenience. It still was better than going to the authorized workshops. @DD I really hope thats not the case. But honesty it does seem that all modern car bumpers are the same. And as Ashikawa said, the bumper is mostly hung in place by clip ons and a 3 screws on either side.
  21. Polo's first accident I am at a red light not moving at all. Suddenly these two morons on a scooter try to squeeze through me and another car. Since there wasn't enough space and they being at a reasonably high speed for stand still traffic, they brush my car. I thought it might leave a scratch or maybe a minor dent so I wasnt worried much. But I still get out of the car instantly and I see that the bumper has almost completely come off. Just the last 2-3 hooks were still in and the fog light wire of the right side(was hit of the other side). By the time I looked back, I see those two drive off. Being stand still traffic, I could not get a hold of them. So I just yank the remaining hooks and the fog lamp wire out, stick the bumper in the car and leave too. I checked and the bumper is neither broken, nor are there any dents or scratches on the car. So hopefully, it should only be a minor fix job that I will get done from a local mechanic. I was suprisingly calm but I wish I had rather got hold of those two *****. Anyways, whats done is done. Something you have to live with on our roads, I guess. asethi9192011-09-20 18:07:03
  22. FIAT PANDA TO COME TO INDIA MID-2012 After recently announcing the set up of its own dealerships, seperate from Tata, Fiat also now announced planning to bring in the Fiat Panda by mid-2012. More info on Motorbeam ________________________________ Panda has a long and rather successful history and it might jut be the right move in India for Fiat. Its good looking and very promising. Obviously the car is to be expected in both, Petrol and Diesel trims. Lets hope there are no new hurdles created by way of Tata or Fiat otherwise the failure of this car might just be the final straw for Fiat in India. asethi9192011-09-16 11:36:07
  23. Its a brilliant idea. Cant wait to see the finished product. Would also love to know how much the car cost and how much was spent on restoring the car completely. Best of luck!
  24. I went down to the car to retrieve my wallet that I had forgetfully left there last night. I see my neighbour dedicatedly cleaning his car. Now according to the weather predictions, it is supposed to be windy and it is supposed to rain for the next 2-3 days. Does it not make his efforts, futile? What I sometimes wonder is, as much as we love our cars and like to see them nice and shiny, what is the point of it all. Considering the pigsty our country is and the dust bowl type conditions that are prevalent most of the year, the chances of your car remaining in pristine condition are rather limited. So why do we bother with it? I have a guy hired to clean my car everyday, as I am sure most of us do. But does it really matter if he does anything or not?
  25. Another great advertising strategy by Ford. Check out the latest advert. Well done Ford! They always showed great innovation when it came to their cars. Nice to see the same innovation being carried to the adverts too. asethi9192011-09-09 11:34:00