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  1. Thanks. This is what is confusing me. When I check with Laura owners (there are a few in office as well) no seems to have had a problem though they admit that parts are expensive. But when I do a google search I find a lot complaints on ASS
  2. Hi I currently drive a Scorpio CRDE SLX (Aug 2005). I love driving and also very passionate about it. I have driven a lot across the country (eg : Kolkata - Mumbai - Kolkata, Delhi - Goa - Delhi, Mumbai - Bangalore and numerous trips on Mumbai - Goa sector). I am looking at changing my Scorpio and am very confused. Ideally I would like to buy a SUV but my budget is INR 15 lakhs approx and I don't want to buy a Scorpio again or a Safari. I will prefer a Diesel option as I drive 60 kms daily to office and back, one trip of 600 kms every 2 months and one trip of 2000 kms a year. Normally we are only 3 (wife, me and son) in the car. I was looking at Diesel Laura (though the petrol is more exciting at 160 bhp), Civic or a Jetta (unless you can advise me on a fourth alternative). The vehicle should be fuel efficient, comfortable and fun to drive. I love driving fast (when the road permits) and pushing the car to its limit hence it should be a drivers car. Oh that reminds me, I am not comfortable with a driver so prefer driving myself even in the Mumbai traffic. I am ready to wait for 3-4 months if you expect any new launches which could fit my bill Look forward to your revert