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  1. Warranty is a joke in India. It needs serious legislation from the government so that consumers are protected. Oh wait! its cars we are talking about, bought by "rich" people, who don't decide the fate of elected officials. Haha....forget it!
  2. I don't think they will deviate from the formula that has made the current car a success. They would be stupid to. They already have cars of the same size as the rendering above from VW and Seat. They will update the design but won't ditch the space and value proposition the Superb is known for.
  3. For one, there is a new version of the Civic out in the US market. It was at the end of its life-cycle anyway. Also, as other readers have pointed out that it had no diesel engine and there were also no plans to have one in the near future because the US model will never offer a diesel. The other problem for Honda is that the EU market Civic is a hatchback which is not the right body shape for India.