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  1. Thanks Librankur, I did the same but I can now smell petrol from the rear end of the car which was not the case earlier. Any possible root cause? Br, K
  2. Thanks Roomy, CO level is within limits. I want to adjust it to the default level in order to increase the mileage of my car. Mileage has dropped significantly after getting it adjusted at the service center and now I want to set it to factory default. Would be really helpful if someone has this information as the user's manual lack the same. Best Regards, K
  3. Hello Everyone, Could someone please provide me the information about Maruti 800 " ideal/default " Idling screw adjustment ? Kindly let me know the number of turns clockwise/ anti-clockwise ( Screw Full Closed method ). Best Regards, K
  4. ketan

    Yamaha Ray

    One Update Guys, Horn completely dead within 3 days of taking delivery. I don't mind such minor parts failures. I hope yahama rectifies horn & low beam issues at the first service. (i.e. Replacement) Best Regards, K
  5. ketan

    Yamaha Ray

    Pickup is really good, I found it to be better than Activa/Dio.
  6. ketan

    Yamaha Ray

    Hello Everyone, Glad to inform you all that I took delivery of my Yamaha Ray today. Quick Review: Pros: 1. Low Seat Height/ Flat Seat : Convenient for Females, Elderly people. 2. Telescopic Suspension : Bless in a city like Pune. 3. Cubby Storage Space near Handle Lock : Useful for storing tiny items. 4. Easy Main Stand : Convenient for Females, Elderly people. Cons: 1. Horn : Sound is ridiculously low. 2. Low beam : Range is short. Will update this thread from time to time. Anyone wants to buy Yahama Ray, Queries Welcome! Best Regards, K
  7. You may go for wheel will definitely enhance looks..Original Yamaha stripes cost around Rs300 to go to the local radium wallah guy..he will do the same job for Rs.75 to 100..
  8. Recently came accross this variant of SKD F*B*A. This particular vehical was undergoing testing in Pune. I have sprayed out all the logos myself.. but however I have kept the variant logo unsprayed.. You can notice there is a small red tape in order to hide the variant identity next to HTP alphabates at the back. Which new variant this could be?