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  1. Impossible! This might keep us waiting for five more years! Merc's very cautious in its approach!!
  2. Leave aside everything, get the Palio Stile1.6. It's one hell of a driver's car and leave the Ritz, i10 and Swift coughing. It's brilliant dynamically as well and is more comfortable to sit in than the others. AND FIAT'S SERIOUSLY IMPROVING ON IT'S AFTER SALES SERVICES.
  3. See, introducing a model when everyone's taking note helps immensely. The C230 Avantgarde went on sale almost unnoticed and many people dont even know now that it's available in India. I just hope the same doesn't happen with the E-class diesels. I wish it brings the larger E420 CDi to get some exclusivity in the diesel luxury crowd. @creativebala: If high sulphur diesel were the problem, then BMW wouldn't have brought their highly strained straight 6 diesels. Lust for Merc2009-09-27 15:08:35
  4. Compared to rivals, the 220 DTSi has a slightly heavy handling, and doesn't feel flickable. A wider rear tyre would only make matters worse!
  5. Congrats on the purchase! Lust for Merc2009-09-18 17:14:08
  6. Come on GM, get something original! Styling is too similar to Nano, and looks like a bundle of compromises. the 800cc Spark should do the Job.
  7. Go for the Laura 1.8 TSi. It's way ahead of the competition as far as performance, technology and dynamic ability is concerned. Sure it doesn't have the futuristic interior of the Civic, but quality is awesome. Skoda's fledging service may be a problem, but the Laura is a quality product, and should not give you any trouble.
  8. No way!! The City is way too advanced, at least in the styling department. And as far as image and network is concerned, people seem to be too unfamiliar to the Nissan mark. It looks a blatant copy of the SX4.
  9. Mercedes has acted in a rather weird way by launching the new E with only the 3.5L V6 engine. The previous model's maximum sales constituted of the E 280 CDi. So why not bring in the powerful E 320 CDi and E 420 CDi? If the Indian fuel quality is a problem, then why would Audi have launched their high-comp supercharged engines? But the car is excellent, breakthrough from soft-handling Mercs, and gonna spoil the rivals' party. Quality, finish, handling, styling-all is first rate. This continues to remain my fave.
  10. Hello everyone! I was very impressed on reading the issue on Audi A4 3.0 TDi. The shattering performance does not come at the cost of economy, and the handling is not bad at all, except for the steering. Now all want is the incredibly refined 3.0 CDi engine from the M-class/ S-class in the C-class. This would make for an awesome combination, considering the already capable chassis of the C. This along with a slightly stiffened suspension and extra features should give the new C a much needed competitive edge. What say, guys?
  11. Definitely not. Especially consderng that the FZ series are fast gaining popularity. Yamaha should have considered the FI to induce some zest. P220 is fast for sure, but can't match the Yamaha on handling front.
  12. If you are keen on LPG, consider the Santro ECO. It's more comfy than the WagonR, better built and resale value is better. I think it's a good option.
  13. I endorse all the replies to this topic. Fiesta:- Upright backrest and short wheelbase make long journeys tiring. Also consider stiffer suspension in the updated model in interest of teriffic dynamics. SX4:- Cramped legroom at the rear. My height is 5ft 10in and my knees press quite a bit against the front seats. It's powerful enough. Rear middle passenger comfort is definitely an issue, even without the option of leather seats. Ride is bumpy due to the stiff suspension. Jazz:- Stratospheric pricing compared to hatchbacks. Immensely spacious and comfortable, peppy engine too. The suspension is clunky, and ground clearance deteriorates when loaded. I think you should go beyond these and look at the Linea. It's excellent build, fabulous ride and handling and top-class interiors promise to keep both driver and passenger happy. Diesel has enough grunt and refinement isn't bad either. Only real problem will be real headroom and Fiat's struggling service. Another interesting option is the Verna. It's spacious, airy, has soft suspenson and pretty well equipped. Auto adds to the convenience. Diesel has terrific performance and fuel-economy is impressive too (even with auto). Hyundai is well-known for it's service too. Only glitches are low seats and lack of airbags.
  14. Diesel seems the only way Maruti can compete with Honda on similar terms since it lacks the technologcal wizardy of the Japanese giant. I have heard that Maruti is developing a 2.0L Diesel for the Kizashi-based saloon, and if that does duty in the Vitara, which is otherwise a good product, it would make for an interesting combination. A better interior is also expected, with fresh design, without using the Swift/ SX4/ Ritz/ Estilo parts. Maruti's image as a small-car-only manufacturer is hampering the Vitara from being popular. I think Maruti should now concentrate on building really competent cars for the Luxury segment, since it has enough small cars to plug all price points.
  15. Ditto Spearhead! I had the testdrive yesterday, and the i20 CRDi is an impressive machine. It's got none of the petrol's gutless midrange, and cruises well too. Excellent in terms of cruising, responsiveness and refinement (though some amount of clatter can be heard outside). But as Spearhead mentioned, don't feel economy will be as impressve as the Getz CRDi. Since it's very responsve in city, I suspect the gear ratios are short. This, and the higher weight of the car won't make it as efficient. Price is in close proximity of the Fabia TDi, which s definitely a turn-off.