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  1. year end discounts are given by dealers from their profit or they are given by the company directly?
  2. @driftpunk: some more goodies i now but approximately how much if you can tell from your past experience it will be great for me to decide. In my situation if the difference is less then Rs 5000 i will prefer purchasing now but if it is above 10000 then i would surely want to wait. In between i don't know
  3. Can someone please respond? On i10 sportz currently i am getting Insurance free + 4000(corp disc) + 5000 (cash disc) + basic accessories and on i10 Magna Insurance free + 4000(corp disc) + music system with 2 speakers + basic accessories Considering these discounts is it worth to wait till december
  4. @Bornfree: you said Hyundai is giving attractive offers on Santro, i10. Can you tell me what is the discount on i10?
  5. Hi All, Thanks a lot for the answers. I am planning to keep the car for a longer period (at least 5+). My question is just to know how much discounts can be expected in the month of December, if i plan to wait for two months. Will it be worth the wait? This will be my first car so not aware of the details like this.
  6. @creativebala: thanks for the suggestion but that is not possible. My wife will kill me if i postpone after that Now what is your response for my question
  7. I am planning to buy a hatchback next month. I was thinking to buy it around end of october. Now i am thinking will it be worth to wait for two more months and grab the year end deals. Can you tell me how much difference it normally makes to buy in december? If for answer you need the model i want to go for then here is what i am thinking. I am planning to go for Ritx VXI (I am sure i can't expect any discount on it) as of now but open to i10 sportz, Vista Quadrajet if i get a good deal. I just want to know how much discount i can expect on these models if i wait for two more months. chawla2009-09-15 13:41:34
  8. thanks endless for the clarification
  9. i might be sounding dumb but can someone tell me which flag we are talking about and what is the purpose of it?
  10. looks like we are creating too much hype of polo. Only time will tell if it stands with our expectations.
  11. @ Rahul: If you are driving in 2nd gear at such a high speed will it not result in huge FE drop?
  12. i am planning for vxi as of now as i wil be booking in next 1-2 weeks so plan may change (You never know)
  13. Thanks for the info carispassion. Infact i have liked red color. I am looking for red, white or silver.
  14. Hey one more thing i am planning to buy a petrol hatchback in next one month earlier i was considering Punto, Ritz and i10 but after reading about bad FE of punto i dropped punto from my list but as you guys are assuring me that its FE is above 10 (with AC) in city so i think i should add this back to my preference list.
  15. @cartoos: You are using linea so you know what exactly you are getting see if i am not using for me source will be either the magazines, forums or people like you who are the owners. See i loved punto so much after seeing it and that is why i read about it in all the magazines and forums and everywhere i found praise for its ride, handling, looks, quality but at the same time i found negative points like power/weight and FE. If someone is putting something which is not correct you should try to correct it positively and not by writing something against the person. We all are here to learn from each other experiences not to exchange heat. Hope i clarified my stand.
  16. @coolboy: Source for 1.2 car economy is autocar august edition where they have done full comparison of all 1.2 cars and for 1.4 you can find here:
  17. @cartoos: please mind your words before writing. It is a forum and everyone is free to write in limits.
  18. Has anybody gone through OD's adventure trip? If yes, please share the main points.
  19. @RKNG I am trying to understand the reason here. I do not want to show that my choice is better then others. See i am planning to purchase first car of my life and i have developed a new interest in them so want to evaluate my decision before going for it. I have to compare all the cars in my budget only then i can decide which one i like to go for. I agree different people like to choose different cars but everybody has there reason for going for that car. If you are at my position will you not compare the cars before making decision???
  20. I will surely try again with few other dealers here in bangalore. Hey carispassion 3 days is really fast, which city you are in?
  21. VDi doesn't takes much time but for petrol which is on high demand there is a big waiting. I asked him about all the versions, they said version selected doesn't makes any difference but if you can choice 2-3 colours then we can make it fast. It means i am paying a big amount and not getting a color of my like. that is not fair
  22. Yes Rahul i agree that it is the number which Maruti was able to produce. If we add both swift and ritz then yes it is a bit above i10 but still above 11000 for i10 is a very very good number
  23. @cartoos: I am not saying Punto is a bad car. It is a very good car with best ride quality and handling in its segment but at the same point it lacks at three places engine, FE and ASS. What makes you think that engine and FE are very good? 1.2 punto gives 68 PS @ 6000 rpm whether Ritz 84bhp, Jazz 89 bhp power. Its pick up is slowest in all the new 1.2 liter engines. 0-80 it takes above 18 seconds whether other takes 14-15 second. Power to weight for even 1.4 liter of punto is lesser then other new 1.2 engines. FE for punto 1.2 is 9.7 in city and 1.4 is 8.5. How can you say it is good?
  24. Looks are subjective so let's not consider that. I can't understand how i10 is value for money and Ritz is not.... If you compare the rates they are exactly the same. prices: Ritz LXi == i10 Magna Ritz VXi == i10 Sportz Ritz ZXi == i10 Asta The features they provide too are nearly same (only big difference is that i10 Magna has power windows whether Lxi doesn't) so i don't how the value for money thing comes. Am i missing something here? I don't agree that kappa engine is better then Ritz k-series, if you see all the reviews and read the magazines you will find K-series is better refined and is more responsive then kappa. I also saw Sidarth's respponse in wheelocity he didn't suggested Ritz and swift because of high waiting period and he is the person who was in strong favor of Ritz 2-3 weeks back.