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  1. Thanks Anjan. I'll start sending the communication.
  2. Sorry Anjan. Nothing is available on the company website, except one email address and the helpline phone no. Both, I've tried. I've tried getting contct details from everywhere. No avail. Rgds, Sy
  3. To answer rssh, i20 is only available in petrol. CRDi will be launched by end-of-year I think.
  4. I've called the helpline and emailed the customer care more than 6 times, each time I get no reply. There is no one approachable at HMIL apart from the Area Service Manager who I'm in touch with anyway. Can someone help me get email addresses of some top brass? Meanwhile, I'm in the process of getting the Autocar subscription, so they can help me with this. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Yes, I got a replacement car. They've returned the i20 too, but now it's raining in Delhi, so it might not be a good time to test the AC. They've replaced the compressor and the thermistor. Are you sure the i20's AC doesn't have a problem? I've met 2-3 more people who own i20, and they say that highway drivning at 43 degrees and no sunfilm has given them a hard time with their ACs, and one of them has faced the same AC failing problem where HMIL had to replace the thermister. Please tell me the procedure of posting the query to Autocar India main site. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm facing a big problem with my Hyundai i20. My i20's AC has failed over 6 times in the past month. Hyundai's company owned workshop Hyundai Motor Plaza in Delhi has repaired it 6 times - including replacing the compressor, the sensor, repairing the wiring, thermostat, and a whole lot, but the AC still is not working. They now have replaced the thermister and claim the problem is solved. In summers, Delhi reached up to 43 degrees in summers. Since the i20 sports the i10's engine and AC, yet is a bigger, heavier car, I think that the AC is not able to handle the load in this heat. So, after a while, some part of the other fails. HMIL is not giving any clear answers. Ashwini Bhatt, the Area Manger for Service and Spares, HMIL says they are at a loss and the team from Chennai is working on it. They said they will not return the car till they drive it for 200kms and don't face the problem. They've taken it out three times for such trials, each time the AC failed. It's been over a month and the car is still with them. This morning I got a call from the service manager saying the car's AC failed again yesterday in the trial run. My question is - in your opinion - is it possible that the i20's AC is not fit for Delhi summers where the temperatures are 42-43 degrees constantly for months? Or does it seem to be a problem that just my car is facing? Rgds, Saurabh Kejriwal