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  1. Are the Tata's plannin on developing one like that???
  2. Great pics.. should make it to our roads..
  3. Hey all.. I am residing in Bhutan and the temperature out here is -2. I have got starting problem of my Karizma. Can you please tell me what is to be done. Which engine oil to be used. Thank..
  4. bingo

    Zma upgrade..

    Hey.. I have Karizma 2005 model.. can I change over to new body of the lastest model.. what will be the financial implications.. thanks
  5. ANHC 1.5S MT Pros: looks, power, fuel efficiency, space, boot, comfort. Cons: poor plastics, no leather seats, no fog lamps, no alloys, no climate control.
  6. The news is that with engine replacement the Swift n Dzire are gonna be cheaper.. any reasons?..
  7. Design is something a mix of i10 and A-star..
  8. Yeah CB.. Aura is one brand which is selling good. Any idea regarding the performance?
  9. Hi all.. Got All New Honda City 1.5 SMT in Jul. Now want to put Alloy wheels and Fog lamps. Please help me out as to which brand should I go for. What are the things to be kept in mind. And the monitory effects. Thanks a ton..
  10. Thanks a ton Cyrus for all these great pics!!!
  11. Dear All.. want to buy a new car within two months.. daily run - 20km one 300km trip in a month budget - 6L (on road) Got ANHC in Jul and looking to buy another one. Please help me out. Thanks
  12. kzma.. think bout this one too.. great bike.. no issues in long term..