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  1. Are the Tata's plannin on developing one like that???
  2. Great pics.. should make it to our roads..
  3. Hey all.. I am residing in Bhutan and the temperature out here is -2. I have got starting problem of my Karizma. Can you please tell me what is to be done. Which engine oil to be used. Thank..
  4. bingo

    Zma upgrade..

    Hey.. I have Karizma 2005 model.. can I change over to new body of the lastest model.. what will be the financial implications.. thanks
  5. ANHC 1.5S MT Pros: looks, power, fuel efficiency, space, boot, comfort. Cons: poor plastics, no leather seats, no fog lamps, no alloys, no climate control.
  6. The news is that with engine replacement the Swift n Dzire are gonna be cheaper.. any reasons?..
  7. Design is something a mix of i10 and A-star..