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  1. Its high time that BMC should put the water pumping system in place. The media reports suggests that the money for this has already been sanctioned. And this was only due to approx 170 of rainfall.. while mumbaikar's have witnessed even 800 rainfall.
  2. bingo

    First choice

    They have their own set of tests before getting a veh ready for resale. They are doing a fair work. No servicing though.
  3. Jazz is definately a next generation design and it will remain new for quite a few years to come. For performance too its a fair deal. But then, it is your decission. Just finallise and get one home. bingo!!!
  4. I agree with rssh.. try working with the suspension.. I have seen this thing successful in one case..
  5. certainly one should think of KMZ in this price range..
  6. bingo

    Teflon on ANHC

    Dear All.. I am getting ANHC. Can you please suggest me as to what all options are available for teflon coating and the amount it would take. Also, what things should I keep in mind while getting the coating done. Thanks.
  7. I am planning a road trip by my ANHC SMT from Siliguri to Varanasi. I am a bit concerned for the road conditions and ground clearence of the City. Can anyone please suggest me the route to be taken to travel by road from siliguri to varanasi. Also I shall be greateful if you can bring out the road conditions, time taken, night halts, etc. Thanks a ton. Bingo!!!
  8. I agree with winner. The Honda dealers maintain records and manuals in their archives.
  9. Thanks FRG.. thats an excellent review. I am getting SMT by this month end.
  10. Hey Autofreako.. thanks for a great unbiased review. I am getting SMT by this month end.
  11. Thanks.. I am looking forward to the new zma.
  12. You should take care of the electrics of your bike. If you don't have a shed, try to use cover specially during rains and at time when you are leaving your bike for 2 or more days.
  13. I am using zma for last 5 yrs. Believe you me, its a great companion. You just have to fill the tank and enjoy. No maintenance at all except regular servicing. Also, it is completely your personal choice. keep us updated.
  14. Its better that you take up the case with Honda at the earliest. I am sure your problem will be solved. Avoid getting it repaired from outside.
  15. bingo

    Honda City

    Thanks All.. for all your valuable suggestions.. I've decided upon "White" n would get the delivery on 23 jul.. its gonna be SMT.. thanks again.. Also if you can please upload the pics of your white baby.. m xited
  16. If your budget is 8L then you should consider the option of Safari, Scorpio and Xylo. Xylo is yet to prove itself. Scorpio is more manly than Xylo. Safari is expensive to maintain.
  17. bingo

    Honda City

    Dear All.. I am getting home New Honda City 1.5 SMT within 10 days. I am still confused regarding the colour. Can you please help me. Also I am interested in putting up fog lamps and alloy wheels. Can you please please help me out.