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  1. Hi, I dont want a fireblade... The most important thing I am looking for is daily usage and full utilization of money, If I go for a fireblade How can I use it everyday, I mean that the GS650 is a practical bike and fireblade is a Superbike, anyways anyone has any idea whom to contact for importing a Suzuki GS650..
  2. Hi everyone, I really need a sportbike (beginner category) and have short listed the suzuki GS650 and kawasaki ZZX600.. These both cost around $7500 (each ofcourse).. How can I import these and I want to know how much I have to pay (taxes & excise duty etc) to get one of these to Hyderabad.. Is there any importer who can give me details and bring this bike to india for me (I will pay him, you dont worry).. So.. I need a bike as soon as possible.. Any help (Related to this only) will be greatly appriciated.. Thanks for reading this.. CYRUS432009-07-17 19:03:35