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  1. I am surprised that you're a person ready to buy the Jetta Comfortline and can also post on this forum but are unable to call VW dealers and ask them for a quote?
  2. Wait, VW is likely to launch the Jetta CRDi by April 2010. This engine is better than the Pumpe Duse that powers the Jetta at present.
  3. I think the introduction of the Beetle in India will be symbolic rather than any serious attempt to ensure large sales. I don't think Indians will go in for it, particularly as it is a two-door car with an air-cooled engine (unless they have switched to a water-cooled one). Perhaps, young working women may opt for it in the beginning. That's all, in my opinion.
  4. I have learnt that Honda is expectd to launch the Accord diesel and CR-V diesel in India by ealy next year. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Check out www.team-bhp.com They have exposed Skoda.
  6. It is now certain that the Jetta will have a CRDi engine by April 2010 if not earlier. It may even be shown at the Delhi car show. One can also safely assume that the Skoda Laura 1.9 and 2.0 will also switch to the CRDI engine sooner than later.
  7. Autocar has reported in its August issue that the pumpe duse engine in the Jetta will be replaced with the CRDi by April 2010. Cheers. So hold your "purse" all those who were ready to by the Jetta.
  8. The pumpe duse is a good engine too but it cannot pass the latest emission standards. VW was compelled to replace the PD engine in the US with the CRDi for this reason. I think soon India will also invoke these standards which will compel VW to bring in the CRDi. I wonder why VW is delaying this replacement.
  9. This is a very useful thread and I hope more people will share their experiences and information so that many of us can be saved pain.
  10. I drove the Camry 3.0 in the USA, where there is not much traffic except for a few big cities, for a year and found the automatic be very convenient. I'm sure the automatic will be very useful in a city like Delhi, where the traffic conditions require frequent gear change. Could someone please throw more light on the subject. Lets not focus on the fact that the automatic is more expensive. Lets focus on the driving comfort and efficiency.
  11. Any guesses as to how much the price would go up with the addition of the DSG?
  12. Does anyone have an idea if and when Skoda proposes to introduce the Elegance trim of Laura 1.8 TSI? I think the Elegance should have automatic transmission, programable driver's seat, auto climate control, etc. I like auto transmission for driving in a city like Delhi.