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  1. In your case, it obviosly means that the incoming car -- which flashes -- wants you to slow down or stop so as to allow him to go before you take your turn. Someone here said, that whoever flashes first has the right of way. Yes, that practice is prevelant over here. This 'flashing' has an ambiguity associated with it, and its meaning changes with different situations , whether in new delhi(City driving), or Highway. Some situations: (1) Lets say, in city like new delhi where there are 2 many cars. You are driving with your car on right lane with speeds say 60+ and its broad daylight, and the car in front of you is say 50 meters ahead. Those in front are in 80+ and the margin between your car and thier increases. A car coming behind is at 80+ and realises that your'e slow and blocking that lane so it flashes,What this means in this situation is that you move to your left lane and allow it the 'Pass'.If you dont move, the car coming behind you will horn accompanied by flash. This same technique is used in highway to turn aside 'Slow-movers' from fast lane. (2) Another situation in city, a 2-way road with-out divider but yellow-line clearly demarkated.Your'e moving along the left side of yellow line and in your lane . The oncoming traffic in queue is moving on its side of the yellow line.Now in this incoming traffic on other side, Suddenly you realise, a car breaks out of its queue and with its head beam full on, drives over the central yellow line--since there is no concrete divider-- and overtakes the cars in front of it. The problem is this car is half way in your path and coming towards you. Usually, if the oncoming vehicle is a heavy vehicle , one usually gives way by moving on left side and let it pass. But, this practice as such is clearly wrong . And in delhi car drivers are using this practice as a means to get ahead fast. This is a wrong practice, and it clearly sets a bad precedent, which many people follow. I think , drivers who do this practice are the ones who got thier licenses from dalals, and obviously have no idea of rule: that people are not suppose to cross or overtake over the yellow line. I usually allow one or two car drivers to get past me, but when one repeatedly gets irritated by these rash drivers overtaking over yellow line then i pick one of them from distance. And employ a technique or short- manuover which i learnt some time back from Haryana roadways drivers on NH 1. Its a techinque or short manover--excuse the spelling mistake-- which in Haryana Roadways drivers parlance called 'Jhalki'. Lets say im driving on my side of yellow line and suddenly the car ahead as part of oncoming traffic breaks out , overstepping on yellow line and is half way in my path full beam on. When its about to pass me, just before i employ this 'Jhalki' -- doesnt take more than 10seconds to finish the technique-- and the effect is the rash driver is back into its lane. Rarely i use this technique, usually i allow rash drivers to pass.The intent is to teach the rash driver sense, the hard way.
  2. The last time i went to get my Honda car from service, i remember, an old man was there to get his Honda city back and his case was exactly as enumerated by Mr. sgiitk.The old man asked the service advisor: Why his car Oil has been replaced when for the past one year he has barely used his car for 2000 k.m.? .The service advisor responded: That due to prolonged non-usage of car for extended periods without check-up and service,the viscosity of the engine oil gets effected, so to prevent the possibility of anything happening to engine, we have replaced the engine oil. The old man felt content with the response, and payed the bill. As far as one is concerned, one considers the 5000 km period as essential for service rather than 3 months.
  3. I doubt , that the VW Polo is imminent this year. AS far as after sales service of VW, i think its better than some skoda dealers. Anyway, i am waiting for VW Polo, especially if the company brings the car with its award winning engine.-- i think, its 1.4L engine won this year, im not sure which one petrol or diesel--.Well, we are earnestly waiting for its launch as we intent to get rid of our 10 year old tata indica, and buy a VW Polo.
  4. Well, many posts that are highlighting the problems associated with skoda cars on team-bhp and this site. To me , this is a clear indication of the skoda's service centers which have employed engineers that are unable to deal with the problems, and thus unable to rectify it.Now, either those technicians have not been trained by skoda to deal with such problems or the skoda's service centers dont have the equipment, experienced technicians who can identify, rectify problems on the field with thier cars, even after being trained. If former is the case, yes, you can cast bad aspersions on Skoda.But, what if the latter is true--which seems to me is-- that the dealer's have not bothered to expend on equipments, diagnostic kits etc , they have not bothered to employ experienced technicians. It is no wonder, when a customer goes to thier service centers with a techinical problem, those technicians are unable to deal with it. Thus, the dealers are giving the skoda brand a bad name. One is waiting to hear problems of VW's car owners. Because, if they too are facing such problems--even though there are not many VW cars on road, but still one or two case shall be suffice-- due to dealers service centers not able to deal with problems and thus unable to rectify it.! Well, than the second part of the above contention may be true. And that, this time the VW's dealers are giving a bad name to VW's brand. DD, one doesnt think its legitimate comparing the korean car-manufacturer Hyundai cars with european car manufacturer skoda. Or for the matter, comparing Japanese car manufacturer's cars with European car manufacturer's. They are a bit different in the way they do work,even though both have engines and other parts. If you were to bring an experienced technican from an independent Multi-brand service center and get your Hyundai elantra compared to let say, skoda Octavia 1.9L . The technican will tell you that even though both are generating torque, both have engines, etc.Yet, there is a marked difference in parts and the way in which they are doing it. Point is, compare European manufacturer cars with other euorpean manufacturer.
  5. If Fiat intends to bring 1.6 L version of Fiat Linea, it may have that same motor of Fiat palio 1.6. It would be nice,if they bring a new version of 1.6 L motor rather than to install the old one already used in palio stile.Not that i have anything against the current 1.6L Petrol engine of Fiat currently used in palio. As a matter of fact, Fiat was the first one to use 1.6L in a hatch!
  6. Now that both M 800, and Esteem have been de-commissioned by Maruti, it was about time to do the same for zen. I feel a bit nostalgic, when i think that a decade ago when zen was launched ,my father like many others had booked this car.Only to change his decision later on -- he cancelled the zen booking-- by buying a tata indica!. A mistake , its price we are still paying by trudging along that useless tata indica on our back , when we should have got along with our zen booking and may be got the zen.To this day, i can't understand what got into my fathers head that day, that he cancelled a reliable Maruti Product : zen for an unrelaible tata indica!!!
  7. Agreed, multi-brand service centers have a bright future. In todays age, where more and more auto innovations are integrated into cars, the result being more and more mechanical parts are being replaced with electronic ones.Since, electronic parts unlike mechanical ones do not need tune-up and are not imprecise. A 12-15 yrs ago, people bought cars had Carburettor, Distributor etc.., nowadays EFI and distributorless ignition has replaced them. A local mechanic cannot simply put his hand under the hood and repair cars that have more and more electronic parts, unless he has diagnostic gadgets. As far as, Authorized Service centers are concerned. Well, they are good for servicing cars and replacing parts and nothing else. You go to them and tell them that some part or other is not working properly, or there is some problem with car. Neither they have the time nor its seems to me, the in-depth technical knowhow to gauge, identify a problem area and treat it well. All, they'll do is replace parts thats all they understand, repairing parts doesnt seemt to them an option. Time consuming jobs like Engine Overhaul(O/H) , Suspension (O/H) ...,..,etc.Should never be assigned to them. I made a stupid mistake, 3 yrs ago by assigning an Engine (O/H) Job to an Authorized Suzuki Service center for my 95 model Carburettor Esteem.Result, after 1 month and spending 1 lakh, i got to know that the engine head was old one and had a defect!
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    turbo kit

    From where do people get these ideas in thier head?, To install a turbo in An MPFI Suzuki Swift!!?. Is the kind of question we had some time ago, where some user here wanted to install performance enhancing equipment on an Opel Astra!!?. Many here have responded by provinding leads to the places where this kind of job can be done. Without taking into consideration whether those places have the where-withthal, in-depth technical know-how , etc to commit to such a job. And, most importantly to get satisfactory result out of such a job. Only people able to commit on such a job are the ones , on whom the credit for the inception of Swift goes--Suzuki Engineers. This kind of work can be done by the research and development facility of Suzuki. If you dont believe, go to any of those addreses the users here have recommended Autopsyche, etc . Yes, the'll plumb in a turbo in your swift, they'll re-map the ECU. Perhaps, even install a free-flowing [Air-filter,exhuast].And charge you a whole for it!. Some day, driving that car , with a feeling of contentment that youve appeased your adraline rush. Only to be dismayed by a sudden jolt of reality, car has stopped and smoke seem to be coming out of the hood of the car!. What a Monstrosity! To be realistic,The best response to such a thread should be the one , Dude Durando(DD) gave to the Opel Astra Performance enhancing thread.
  9. Good to hear , that the strike is over. We have been waiting for our Hyundai Verna SX Diesel for almost a month now.!
  10. Partly agreed with deathrace, Honda cannot feel threatened By the advent of VolksWagen(VW) in INdia.Usually, Japanese auto-manufacturer's mainstay is Petrol Engines,and they have quite excelled in the techniques in developing , integrating them with latest technologies in thier cars, and selling thier cars with legitimate prices.In comparison , European auto-manufacturer's cars's prices are usually over-board when provinding that something which Japanese manufacturer provide in thier petrol cars. Also, VW being european has its maintstay : Diesel Engines.Most of the cars driven in Europe have under thier hood Diesel Engines. They provide viable Diesel Technologies in thier cars , which Japanese auto-manufacturer can't. The only, Japanese auto-manufacturer that has been making endeavours in Diesel technology and competing well against Europeans is : NIssan. Your comment about , VW being 2nd largest auto-manufacturer in the world. Well, plausible but i have always believed that VW is an inflated balloon with Audi, and Porsche being VW conglomerate's most important elements.And, the day Porsche and/or Audi think about breaking off from its parent VW. VW's balloon will burst!. As a matter of fact, month or 2 ago, Porsche's unsuccessfull bid to take over the parent--something , unprecidented in Auto history, where a small fish striving to gulp down big fish-- was retailated well By VW's counter bid to bring stability.Yet, this too requires another thread for complete discussion.!
  11. Response to lovemycar: I didnt know that, the number of posts qualifies a person on this forum deference rather than the quality of the posts!!?. The opposite is true. To your first question : I counter with a question, Hasn't Honda's attempts at integrating technologies in thier cars ,head and shoulders above MSIL?. To me it is. One instance will be suffice: its going be a decade since the time Honda integrated VTEC in the City car they brought in this market. MSIL has now integrated VTVT that to in 2.4 L Grand Vitara.
  12. I dont agree, with most of the responses in this thread about Overpriced Honda cars.I believe, the prices of most of the Honda cars are quite legitimate, especially with the kind of technology they provide in thier cars. Only Toyota comes close to Honda, in terms of providing that technology.People, understand this: Technology has its price, and therefore the premium , customers pay. I mean, Japanese auto manufactures are best in making petrol engines, Honda and Toyota are the first ones in our automobile market that integrated thier engines with technologies like : VTEC, VLIM....etc. I believe, Honda was the first one that integrated VTEC in thier City car , way back. I had seen, a Toyota Corolla with VLIM. So, the point is : With advanced Technology, thier is additional price. The truth of the matter is --and what im about to say may be an inconvenient truth!-- most of those who say that Honda cars are overpriced may well know how to drive thier cars. But, if someone were to ask them to pop thier cars hood, and ask them about basic things like: where the water pump, oil pump, the accumulator etc are located?, the look on thier faces will be of complete surpise, a look of complete ignorance--except those automobile engineers , or scientists like sqiitk--. Same, response, if someone were to ask them: what happens under the hood of the car, when you turn the ignition key to the time exhuast gases are released from exhuaust ?, again the same look of ignorance. So, unless you know about the former, You cannot understand technologies like VTEC[ Variable Valve timing], VLIM[Variable Length Intake Manifold], 3-way Cataylitic Converter etc.., . And since, most here, neither cannot understand these technologies nor imagine their working. They cannot appreciate , these technologies , and thier associated worth. They are worth a premium! I dont mean to brag, that i know in depth knowledge of each of these technology stuff. Nor im an engineer that can fix any car problem, but i like to keep myself aware of what goes under the hood of the car i drive, and that knowledge enables me to pinpoint a problem area , if my car breaks down, to an extent. And the added bonus is, that im able to understand , imagine the worth of these technologies.
  13. Ralf, if youve have picked The Ford Fiesta.Better buy, the diesel version. Its mileage is exceptional .The 1.4L motor of Ford Fiesta , belongs to the Duratorq family of diesel engines that Ford produces and is the best. Such is its reliability , that Ford has now installed this same 1.4L motor into New Ford Icon. Though,I'm a bit sceptical about the prevailing view,here, thats its maintainence is low!
  14. DD--The problem is gutless MSIL, though India is the biggest market for Suzuki worldwide, it continues to give us trash; where as the US market treats Suzuki as trash, but they end up getting the best/imaginative products. -- I couldn't agree more. As , i already mentioned above , that MSIL approach towards segments other than its fovourable small car segment, has been laid back, not pre-emptive. I percieve, MSIL takes indian car owners for granted.It knows , people are going buy its products , anyways. Yet, now i am not worried. Because, Honda is here to teach Suzuki a very valuable lesson.For starters, to take other segments seriously , not just small car segment. As a matter of fact, with the advent of the Honda Jazz. Honda finally has got itself engaged in a full flegged war against Suzuki for Indian Automobile industry dominance.But, thats another matter, which requires a whole new thread for discussion.
  15. This half-{hatch,sedan} concept that came into being some time ago, is something that sells a lot. Many car manufacturers have tried it on their sedans and reaped its successive sales abroad.Although,taking a precedent, the one that came in India by chevrolet: SRV didnt do well -- Looks were good, but the moment an aware person popped its hood, and looked under it he would run away. -- thanks to the stupid mistake manufacturer did by bolting in that 1.6L of its cousin Optra or Aveo into it.To me the best car of this concept has to be Subaru WRX-STi. Nevertheless, with respect to your question.Yes, One thinks that to boost up its SX4 sales, it would be nice to bring this concept. It'll be quite a change from the current SX4. But, you need to take into account that MSIL, hands are already full with Swift, Dzire production and now with the inception of Ritz, A-Star .Its hands are full. As a matter of fact, this points to the strategy of MSIL: that they are unwilling to let go of thier small car segment, that they wish to dominate, as it is thier mainstay, even on the expense of other segments. Its approach towards other car segments is a bit laid-back not pre-emptive. Thats why , i wont much hope whether they bring this half-{hatch,sedan} of SX4 up in near future!. But, if they did it would be good for them.