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  1. Hi, After lot of research , TDs , Budgeting , I have narrowed down to Wagon R Duo and A-star VXi,i10 IRDe ( Era) which some what fit to my criteria as below. 1. I needed a car within Rupees 4 Lakhs price range. 2. Great FE or running cost. 3. Good after Sales service. 4. Great resale value after 3 years. 5. Extra features like 2 front power windows and ICE within that 4 lakh budget. A-star Vxi comes after discount exact 4 lakhs after discounts in Kolkata and Wagon R Duo comes at a price 3.76 lakhs which gives some extra 20 K for ICE fitting . Since i10 Era has a older IRDe engine, I am worried that it will not fetch me any resale after 3 years I try to sell it.