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  1. When it comes to build quality i think the Skoda's have a definitive edge in the mid luxury Indian market.
  2. The Z4 is much better than the boxster!! Porsche's have gone mad on their styling front, i mean look at it. All those porsche there look soo uninspiring, so aged and all the porsche are beign designed based on their 911s. Recently they had launched the 4 door panamera saloon and the design was quite simply Awful. when performance of the boxster and the Z4 are taken, i think the Z4 has a edge over the boxster, so why the porsche.
  3. Whatever the Tatas launch their reliability is always a factor to look out for. The Manza may look good initially but you do not know what it would become some years down the line, recently Fiat had complained about why the interiors of their punto was so bad, they say its because the suppliers were Tata. so lets wait before we come to a conclusion based on the poll.
  4. Actually punto's performance is not so good and its not as good as the i20 overall but the puntos handling is superb and its style looks good too with a good stance but the i20 has good set of feature and its design is much better than the punto. when the punto came out in europe the design looked futuristic but now its looking a bit old i must. maybe fiat took too long in launching the punto. the interiors of punto looks cheap whereas i20 scores here. but the overall build quality of the punto is better. but with all its feature, a futuristic design and better performance my personal choice would be i20
  5. For a price of 8 lacs i suggest you go for the in for the fabia rather than the i20, yes the i20 crdi has a pretty good engine but its not surely worth the 8 lacs you are gonna spend on it, it can never have the build quality of the germans or the interiors and equipments as good as the skoda. do go in for the skoda for its solid build,superb premium equipments and a good car for its price overall. the handling too is good.
  6. logan, i20 , ikon have a price tag greater than 5lac. and tatas are not so reliable when compared to maruti and the aveo's engine is so poor that the performance of this hatchback is below par. but the ritz with its new age BSIV compliant K12M engine has really caught everyones attention with its superior performance and engine refinement. go for the ritz
  7. The Bmw's roadster was the one missing in India and with the launch of the Z4 the germans are trying to solidfy their stand in India's growing auto market. anyway thanks for the news winner48 and thanks to v12power for the!!
  8. Do not make a mistake by going for the Getz crdi. its engine is a bit sluggish at low speeds and the car looks outdated and the interiors are pretty poor. for a premium of 6.5 its better you go for the skoda fabia with solid build quality and a truly astonishing german interiors. don look too much onto the 6.5 maybe a bit more and you will be truly satisfied.
  9. If you are going to go for the City do go for the S M/T manual transmission. the japs automatic doesn't seem good enough and u might get irritated after a long time and its mileage is lesser compared to the manual one. And moreover you don get the feel of driving a car with a A/T.
  10. @ivar1951: For that price the laura 1.8 TSI is the best with the most linear power delivery engine and a good economy and the tsi is one of a king technology with twin chargers. its much better than the jetta.don have any confusion do buy the laura 1.8 tsi or u might regret ur decision
  11. If you are looking for a car below 4lac and are absolutely not ready to pay more then go for the chevy spark. else the ritz seems to be the best choice.
  12. kain when you have wider tyres there is a loss of torque do to the increased rolling friction between the tyre and the road surface so it naturally reduces the overall performance and mileage. yes you get better cornering abilities but the post was "Why FZ mileage is less" and there is the answer!!
  13. Yes yamaha is out with its new bike in its flagship 150cc, the Fazer. But for a price tag of around 80000 on road with the same engine that the FZ16 carried is just not acceptable and this engine may make the Fazer to look surely less powerful than a 125cc, the FZ already feeling less powerful than its competition but just holding on due to its looks. Guys do avoid this bike and there are many other viable options for 80000. Lets teach the japs that we are not fools!!
  14. Fazer is just a bitter modification of yamaha's flagship 150cc bike the FZ16. Although the FZ16 looks good and has a refined engine the traction is very poor and once to put into the gears its juz like the vehicle is wanting to rest more, whereas the RTR 160 or the pulsar 150 has got a better pickup and the power is much more visible than the FZ. The only reason to be gaga over the FZ is because of its looks and those giant radial tyres giving it good cornering ability. Now with the launch of the fazer the vehicle gets more heavier due to the quarter fairing and sure does feel big but with the yamaha not touching on the engines i surely do not recommened this to any of the buyers and with its overwhelmingly ambitious price tag the yamaha is trying to gain superiority but i think the japs are just going to need to learn a lesson. if anyone thinks of the Fazer as a probable buy please revert to the larger RTR 180 or even the P200 or P220. Afterall you get more mileage with higher power than that stupid FZ!!
  15. Having bigger tyres has its own advantages and disadvantages. some of them are Adv: your vehicle looks better, Improved traction, better cornering, the above two leading to better off road credentials, better ride comfort on dirty roads. Disadv: Loss in performance due to loss of torque, stopping power increases due to greater inertia of larger tyres, steering feels heavier and becomes less accurate, ride comfort decreases on straight smooth roads due to the higher unsprung weight and ultimately ur mileage is affected due to loss in performance and increased friction of large tyres. but i suggest you maintain the 15 incher as i suggested in my earlier post.
  16. Do not go for any teflon coating for ur city its just a waste of money and the original honda's metallic paint can protect it from the normal environmental conditions prevailing in india. you just need to maintain ur car and have ur car washed regularly nd leave the rest to the hondas. your car is never going to look dull.
  17. With the requirements you have just stated the car thats gonna suit you best is the Ritz zxi, its got what all u asked for. its small can lace thro city traffic whereas the punto is bigger. the mileage of the ritz is better than the punto taking in ACI review of punto. and ritz bit more spacious than the punto even though the punto looks big. and the price is definetly the plus point of the ritz for its feature and new age MZI engine.
  18. I suggest you continue using ur 15" wheels for a year or so juz so that the characteristic of the skoda can be compared with the other skodas, if u are going to change into a bigger radials then the engine might pull harder and the mileage goes down so u can actually judge wheather ur engine is giving u lower mileage or wheather it is due to the bigger tyres. so try remaining with the original or if u surely wanna change do go in for the originals from the skoda because compromising the skoda's warranty from that price is sheer stupidity and u may even stand to loose its aftermarket resale value if it hasn't been under the skodas supervision for atleast 2 yrs. so never compromise on the warranty!
  19. Yeah the A4 3.0 TDI comes with the all coveted audi's tdi engines which are known to produce scintillating performances with very less emissions, so its gonna give a gud mileage too for its performance and so this considerably is gonna reduce the running cost of this beast. so nothin more than this can truly impress an indian customer and this is sure gonna give the BMW 5 series and the merc c class a lump in their throat. Beware its not a sheep, rather a wolf in a sheeps clothing!
  20. If you have a budget of 4 lacs or so i would definetly recommend you go for the Ritz VXi because its a car for the future generations with its superbly refined K12M BSIV compliant engine and good dual tone interiors nd a pretty good build compared to the other 3 here. the wagon r, a star, i10 are becoming old nd i definetly don't recommend any of them. and ritz is gonna have a superb after sale service considering they are from MZIL, and its resale value is gonna be superb. so go for it!
  21. Thats a good news, but whatever the koreans try they r never gonna satisfy the indian customers like MZIL, nd they are never gonna get near the built quality of a skoda or honda hatchback and their engines can never compete with that of a hondas ivtec. But sooner or later the german giants volkswagen are gonna come up with their UP! concept nd this may drastically change the way we indians look at hatchbacks. Anyway as of now the grand daddy remains to be maruti nd hyundai have been trying to steal that credential from the japanese but in vain. Any lets see what impact the diesel i20 is gonna have on the sales of the swift diesel or the Ritz diesel. nd not to mention the ritz K12M engine is superbly refined for a maruti nd its BSIV compliant, nd the most important into the mouth price of the Ritz may juz give the i20 a run for their money.Lets See!
  22. If i were given the choice i would have chosen the Hyundai i20 probably because its more befitting for indian customers rather than others. The i20 petrol had the best mileage among the lot(among the petrol engine) and the diesel probably would carry on this gene and its got a power thats well with the competition with a 90bhp 1.4 litre crdi engine, but it can never match the solid build qualities of a german subsidiary the skoda with its solid build quality nd its premium equipment quality is sure to carry u away where as the i20s interior is a bit dull nd definetely doesn't look like that of a premium hatchback. when taking the punto the desing is good nd has proven to be of mass appeal in the european markets nd its build quality is as good as the skoda nd the ride nd handling are pretty good too but the engine not as refined nd the performance to definetly not upto the mark and the interiors of the punto are definetly out of competition with poor finish nd cheap looking interiors. so the punto is definetly out of competition here( but the fiat are known for their diesel engines) nd fabia's design being pretty old( atleast looks old when seen eye to eye with the i20) ultimately the i20 just brushes past the fabia. but fabia is equally good but the customer support bad compared to the hyundai. if skoda is able to rethink their strategy nd provide the customers with more support the i really will be unable to choose among the two.
  23. One of the main reason for the bike to give low mileage is because of the wide rear tires, which can increase the friction between the tyre nd the road surface. the other thing is yamaha has been always known to leave out the mileage angle from their prospects so there do not tune the engine to give a better mileage, whereas other manufacturers taking in this angle tune the engine so as to give a better mileage. if u wanna increase the mileage then u can try changing the rear tyres to a thinner one, but i do not recommend it coz fz's beauty is its tyre nd it gives gr8 cornering confidence so do not do that atleast until ur warranty seizes