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  1. considering that u have been driving a top end santro and have zeroed in on the fabia as of now i think u wont compromise on the quality front and budget doesn't seem much of problem to you.... so you should take the following points into consideration- 1) Fit n finish level. fabia is the best amongst the three, although punto and i20 are close.... 2) Handling and road manners. now the punto is way ahead of fabias and i20s in this department.... (Advice- there's no point in having a fast car if you can't push it to its limits....) 3) Interiors. Frankly speaking, its tough to choose who's better in this dept but the Blue & Me feature on punto was rocking for someone like me who doesn't like to plug the bluetooth in my ear..... Also the BLAUPUNKT stereo is much better in sound quality.... 4) Exteriors. now this is something very individual.... i like the fabia because of the mature design, i dont like i20 much (not that it looks bad).... But the punto, its like falling in love with her everytime you see her.... Man i saw one in black, 15 inch alloys.... i was floored..... My opinion. 1) Somehow the i20 looses the race without even competing. 2) Fabia is a great car, but then i doubt the VFM and NHV..... 3) Punto is the best VFM hot hatch, but interior quality not like fabia.... but then as the advt says.... A BOLD NEW DRIVE....