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  1. can anyone tell me who all r the moderators and owners of this public site?I dont know any one here and why i am not able to open the spl holder board section evn after registering in this forum?
  2. i saw this in another forum also. looking good to me but rear lights r better than of current 1.
  3. definately better than corolla. this sonata/i40 wil be accord competitior
  4. excellent topic vibhor.hats of to u man. all these scooters looks fantastic, MIO is simply great. can you please update more on its launch??? MODERATORS WARNING: USE OF SMS LANGUAGE ON THE FORUM IS PROHIBITED.CYRUS432009-07-21 08:46:13


    lol. Thanks for warm welcome rssh and anjan_c2007. I know my id is unique, the reason behind this is that i was a regular guest on this forum from long time and i see many people were getting banned from this site so i kept my name banned only who knows when i or u also get banned in real!lol thanks again.


    Hello I am surya nice to be here. Hope to learn and help u all.
  7. Wow!!!!!!!!! what a garage!!awesome..!!..
  8. I've also stopped opening this site now. I think the people who are running this it should do something very soon!!
  9. Didn't knew that steering can also be sold seperately!
  10. I like the i10 alot. Dont go for santro as it is outdated and alto ect are smaller than it. You can consider the spark then.
  11. Is there a virus in this forum?