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  1. The first one looks spectacular.... hope ford people are good on their pricing.
  2. I'll be getting delivery of Chevy Spark on this 20th... after going through this thread I'm wondering if Spark is Euro IV compliant. If not what are the implications? Do I need to go for the so called modifications so as to make it Euro IV compliant?
  3. Thnx Buddy.... Although the colour of the interiors have been changed in the new Santro, I still think it needs a major facelift in terms of design of interiors rather than just cosmetic changes. And yes I need to go for the Alloys soon. Any idea on the ICE?? Which one should I go for? My budget is very low for this.... around 10k... Pls help as you own a Spark too...
  4. I would also like to add that all new Spark models come with beige interiors... The on road price for LT model was 4.58 lacs and after negotiation we got it at 3.98 lacs. The upgraded version of Santro is likely to be expensive by about 10k.. So a GLS model would cost you 4.21 lacs otr Bangalore.
  5. Hey Guys, Finally BOOKED A SPART LT. The big debate over Santro or Spark is over for me. I actually test drove both cars today and finally booked Spark. It will cost me 3.98 lacs otr Bangalore. I saw the revamped Santro which had just arrived today at Advaith Hyundai. As earlier thought there are no changes on the exteriors, just that they've included the spoilers as standard on GLS model. There is no more the chrome grill.. its body coloured grill now. Its a two tone interior on the new model. Its dark brown and kind of beige in colour. The AC vents have been redesigned. These are the changes in the new model. All the specs remain same. After driving both cars I really felt Spark was better in ride quality, noise level, comfort and handling. The ride in Spark was really smooth and the gas filled shock absorbers really helped on Bangalore's roads.. Interestingly they've come up with a new colour - Blazing red - from this month and they're offering the metallic version of this colour at the price of Non-metallic series which is about Rs.6000 lesser. I seriously think Santro needs a major facelift at least on the interiors. So the decision was finally made today - Spark LT - Blazing Red ! What do you guys think?????
  6. We have a Civic which originally came with Good Year tyres... and to my horror it was worn out by 22000 kms... thats ridiculous!! Now i've got Bridgestone tyres ... I hope it performs better!
  7. 180 is an Indigo Dicor??????????? Wow i thot that car would fall apart at that speed!
  8. Hey Guys, I have planned to buy a Santro in a couple of weeks. I'm a music lover and a Music System is all important to me. I would like to know which one to go for.... I have no idea abt the price range since we have a Civic at home which has an In-Built Music System. So suggest me a Music System with good sound quality and other features like USB port n stuff... Thnx in advance.
  9. Thnx for the info buddy.... I would definitely enquire abt the A.S.S of Chevy before taking any decision.
  10. But what abt the servicing part? Have u guys experienced any problems related to servicing?
  11. Ya i heard they're giving discounts upto 47k on the Spark. Anyway wil find out more in a couple of days.
  12. Hmm u have made me consider Spark again... I'll first go to the dealers and find out wat discounts they're offering. That would help me decide since PRICE is the only factor bothering me.
  13. AC, Power Steering, Front Power Windows, Foldable Rear seats etc. I know Spark has some better features but I don think 40k is a justifiable amount for that. Wat do u say? I need ur opinion on this.
  14. @Bluesapphire... Thnx for ur feedback. I haven't even considered Estilo and Wagon R because I simply don like their looks. I was really excited abt Spark initially but then looking at the price I had to think abt it. Which ever car I go for, I want it to be a higher end version. So considering that Spark would cost me 40k more than Santro.