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  1. cant figure out, i guess i'll give it another month, if ford can sort out all issues, have written to them n number of times. else, its a free world! i'll switch. and thats where the problem begins, switch to what? i can stretch to 8 lacs, assuming the fusion fetches at least 3.5. And in that there's SX4, which my wife drives (lovely car, couldn't ask for more), Verna, Linea, Jazz. I was hoping that the Yeti would be under 10. But looks like its going to be 14 or so. Will wait for at least the Yeti, much prefer the SUV look. Or else will check out 2nd hand CRV on car wale!
  2. Guys, like I said, the car is as much a mixed bag as are the comments ... i hope some of you have read the Fusion horror stories on ... its just pot luck on what kind of parts / vehicle you get. and i completely agree on the ikon related comments and teh company's seeming lack of focus on customers & new products ... its a heritage brand thats going to pieces ... slowly! lets see if they pull out of the red. Actually Chevy no less painful, but at least their 3 year service holiday is a terrific way to build consumer confidence, while keeping competitive pricing.
  3. Yeah, looks like its a lemon without the full juice. But sure, its a good car to drive, not the least uncomfortable for long drives ...i've done 700 kms at a single stretch twice now. My problems stem from a lack of attention to detailing from manufacturer.
  4. I have owned a Ford Fusion now for a little over 2 years and am in the midst of deciding, for maybe the fifth time, did I make the right choice. I fell for the square looks and the 1.6 Petrol. Sold on a mileage of 10-11. Fortunately through sane driving, I have got mileage of 10/12 non-ac/ac in city roads and marginally better at 13/14 on highways. Not complaining, given the lovely drive feel of car. However what irks me is the variety of issues that have developed over the last 2 years of ownership, that I have yet to face in any other car I have owned. All these have been brought to the notice of Ford and their dealer through email and service checks, but little more than lip service is available: 1. whooosh sound when you rev the engine, this has serious effect on hill climbing. a moments loss of power means you can stall easily. too much rev going into a climb means i'm drinking fuel straight from the bottle. no response from ford. dealer says its standard for all ford cars... 2. driver side door ... this is an unending saga. have already spent over 8 hours over 2 days getting this rectified, paid over 3000 as well. handle, inside assembly, cable have been changed. now the other 3 doors dont open when you use the remote ... some jugaad is required to do it. pathetic situation, had to drive for 5 kms holding the door to prevent it from flying out as the latch refused to function. dealership: we will charge. ford: pls show to dealer. 3. horn: peculiar problem from the beginning. for some reason or the other, never changed by the dealer, never properly adjusted. only 1 of the twins have functioned ever. fed up, i got it changed after market. dealership: we fixed it, see its working fine. ford: no comments. 4. Mid rear seat: has never fixed properly, always slightly loose. now the rubber lining usually hangs, giving the interiors a bad look. 5. left rear suspension: on getting the tyres rotated and balanced after market, it was observed that the rear left tyre had dents on the main tread. mechanic informed that this could be due to faulty suspension or axle. of course, i understood, there had been soft thudding noises from the rear left side for some months now, ignored because i assumed that it was the parcel tray. dealership: checked, no problem sir! ford: check with dealer. 6. crinckling sound from rear side, near wheels: like a wire stuck on the axle. problem rectified 2 months back. now recurred. apparently some metal part near the exhaust keeps touching the exhaust or the chassis. 7. tyres: weeelll this is really pathetic. these good year tyres, pointed out by linesh in one of the posts are really bad. car has done around 35000 kms and tyres are getting unsafe. i have usually got 50-60000 kms life and observed similar wear & tear at 45000 kms in other tyres on other cars. guess they better be called bad week tyres. ford & dealership: sidestepped and washed hands off. 8. small parts: usually not available, have to wait to get stuff like monograms. 9. wipers: never had a happy time, leaving lines since the beginning. whenever brought to the attention of the dealer during service, some minor fixing done that lasts for about a month, but thats it. to top it they cost 1000, similar rubber lengths, in better quality are available for a santro @<200. 10. Always feels sluggish & "held back" after a service, gradually gets a little freeer after about 1000 kms post service. On the good side, the car has a good AC, good rev, lovely driving feel, spacious and well priced. But the sweet engine is really good. Wish it were available separately cause the rest of the product feels basically compromised in build quality with small persistent issues. And as you'd know how marketing heads, dealership heads like to hide behind vague central email ids and switchboard numbers, and pathetic 1 year warranties. no wonder the americans prefer a japanese car ... well thats what its going to be for me in some time ... see you!