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  1. Whether Wagon-R will also be have similar changes shortly. Maruti Dealer told me that from August there will be New Estilo.
  2. Which one is a better car Spark/Wagon-r/Estilo? Today I had enquired with Vitesse a Maruti Dealer. I was told that company has withdrawn Estilo from market. It is coming with new model of Estilo. Whther is same thing true with Wagon-R. Huge discount being offered on Estilo and Wagon-r was only to clear stock.
  3. Which make music system is available in A-Star? In Vxi Speaker is located in front or rear? Speaker is of which make?
  4. Can any one help in knowing the price of following accessories for Vista : 1) Mud Flap 2) Matting 3) Steering Cover (Rexin) 4) Teflon Coating 5) Anti rust coating 6) Sun Film Garware 7) Body Cover & 8) Antena In Mumbai where can I get these accessories?CYRUS432009-07-23 09:50:44
  5. Among Kappa Engine of i10, Saffire Engine of Vista, KB Series of suzuli Maruti, which one is better performancewise, FE wise, and overall Feature.
  6. 1.1 Era model, I think Kappa Engine is available in Magna version only. Whethet Kappa Engine has better FE, Performance? Presently I was offered Rs 20,000/- dicount on i10 1.1 Era. Whether discount offered will increase during independence day offer / diwali Offer?
  7. Performance wise which one has edge i10 or Vista Saffire? As mu usages will not be that much (300-400 km per month), Vista Saffire or i10, which one will be better for me.
  8. Performance wise difference of 40000 between Vista Saffire (Terra) and i10 Era is how far justified ? Is it worth spending or Vista Saffire is alright. Compared to Vista Saffire how i10 Era will fare in resale value?
  9. Is it worth to spend around 40000 more compared to Vista Saffire (Terra) for i10. Performance wise whether that extra money for i10 is justified? My family has reservation about Tata Petrol Cars. Can some tell me, Vista as a petrol car is good enough to go for it?
  10. Thanks. My monthly running will not be that much (say 300-400km). Compared to wagon-r, whether Saffire has beeter fuel efff? As there is no music system in bottom two model of Saffire, I would like to go for Pioneer. How much will it cost me for the basic Pioneer car audion system. Is it better to buy from dealer, as I was told Pioneer system offered by dealer, comes directly from Tata Motor, quality can be rest assured.
  11. What will be FE for Saffire? Whether after sales services of Tata is very bad, what i have been told.The maintanance cost of Saffire as compared to Saffire?
  12. Between Wagon-R and Vista Saffire, which is one is better? My monthly usages will be 300 km.
  13. I am planning to buy a petrol car. My monthly usages will be around 300 km. Pl advice me Wagon-R or Vista Saffire will be a better option?