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  1. Verna Mods

    oh boy 150 bhp !!! the verna doenst handle all that well and lacks safety dfeatures too...so even though the performance is going to be mind blowing i dont think it is worth it
  2. smell rat @skoda dealer service

    i read in another forum that some skoda dealers had a criminal activity of replacing original ones with faulty/duplicate ones while during servicing.... i think it was about a dealer in mumbai named nemmis mins or something... i doubt ur case may also be similar to this..
  3. the D segment is surely hotting up... the new elantra,new lancer,new corolla and now this is gonna accompany civic....
  4. yamaha r15 first impression

    @aadharsh...congrats on your new bike...do keep us updated... can one tell what was the verdict of autocar on this bike....
  5. yamaha r15 first impression

    i too took a look in yamaha show room...things i noted.. looks good....but from some angles it looks odd 17 bhp and 0-60 in 4 sec.. very bad dealers...even before buying.. the side fairing is made of plastic and has no side protection bars.....so even a fall from stand still will do a lot of damage to the fairing... personally i think a mere 2-3 bhp increase and good looks is not worth the double amount of what you pay for the regular 150 cc...
  6. @vibhor thanks for the info...
  7. i am sorry if this feels silly...i have just started my car driving lessons... what is a dead pedal..is it some kind to keep our feet fully pressed at clutch and yet do not actually apply clutch.. and as of now(3rd class of my car drive lessons)i apply clutch when turning and of course during gear shifts and also when stuck in traffic for a short while....is it ok ?
  8. 2008 BMW X5 brought down by stray dog

    hmm...if such damage is caused by a dog,then i wonder happens if case of a real accident may be a bicycle is enuf to break it apart...any way jokes apart,they will have some serious safety measures for accidents right..then how come such tiny things cause this much damage
  9. Light-headed

    ya nothing serious happened....just taught me one more safety rule to follow.. I have heard that xenons are more bright and non-glaring and less power consuming...is it true ? if so do they cost much higher than halogens ?
  10. Light-headed

    ya...i face tremendous hardship when i drive my HH hunk in the nights.Every time when an oncoming vehicle comes i am not able to see any thing in front of me...i dont know if its my head light that is too dim or others are too bright....so i slow down considerably to ~20 kmph..sometimes i follow a car or bigger vehicle to avoid lighting of oncoming vehicle once before i have actualy hit a old guy in front of me because of this...
  11. Hill thrill with no spill

    ya..i went to ooty recently though we went in a taxi,i learnt much about driving in hills... about people in front warning about oncoming vehicles to those at their back....blind hair-pin bends...really foggy roads at even noon time if it rains....a very dangerous drive if at nights...a couple of accidents...and the importance of ensuring that a vehicle doesnt get repair/punctures in the middle if a hill....
  12. HM-Mitsubishi....Too slow to react...

    hyundai can afford flops as they have a wide range of fast selling cars... but i dont think HM/Mitsu has such market...is there any car from that stable doing well in the market right now ?? then how are they affording to run the company ??
  13. No subsidies please

    i am getting sick of all the taxes.... tax when i buy a vehicle,road tax,insurance compulsion,tax paid very year for the vehicle,tax for the fuel i use(this is very high),tax on toll roads,tax on income,tax on everything i use......
  14. Hero Honda CBZ

    thanks guys for ur suggestion...i was goin for another ride on monday and this time i will drive it slowly
  15. Hero Honda CBZ

    ohh...shud we really go only upto 4k rpm until 1500 rpm ?? the moment i reached 1000 km in my hunk,i went past 100 kmph at about 8k rpm...will it do any harm to my bike