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  1. There's no new city atleast for 2 years. It's just the effect of competition and the lack of diesels.
  2. post 2 years back has materialized now. Honda have now accepted their overpricing and corrected the price of the city, after being lambasted by competition . It will be only a short wait for the price cuts of other models.
  3. I have seen a 98 137D for about 45k. it has AC. is the price correct?
  4. what about a uno diesel or petrol? how much will i get one for?
  5. I still want an 118ne or 137d? what would be the price?
  6. Does anybody have old autocar issues as pdf's (1999,2000's)????
  7. As the manza is launched, will Tata try to launch an updated version of the indica vista??? and will it get a dashboard similar to the manza without central mounted instrument controls? < id="gwProxy" ="">< ="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" ="">
  8. Even the city's sales has dropped despite the festive season and new variants. sgiitk2011-06-25 04:43:17
  9. I also think the total credit goes to tata. Though maruti is near as equal and more sophisticated, many of their cars feel flimsy. The swift, though selling like hotcakes just cant match the Indica V2 for comfort or room for 5 passengers. And another important thing tata has done is revolutionize the taxi market with the indicab/indigo/sumo, which were previously dominated by ambassadors and premiers.< id="gwProxy" ="">< ="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" ="">
  10. Which manufacturer according to you has revolutionised the Indian auto industry? Acoording to me it was maruti with the 800 from 1983 to 99 and after that it was Tata with the Indica. FuelRunGod2009-10-10 08:35:26
  11. Can fwd cars be converted to rwd?FuelRunGod2009-09-28 12:34:08
  12. ROYM5

    Petrol v Diesel

    i-VTEC engines powering honda are considered to be good performance engines and have claimed premium prices. But it is a shame to know the fact that none of honda's i-VTEC cars(jazz, city, civic, accord(2.4), and cr-v) can match an ordinary indica vista quadrajet's 20-80km/hr in 3rd gear time of 11.79 seconds. And even the quadrajet's fuel economy is better. < id="gwProxy" ="">< ="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" ="">
  13. Hi my fellow enthusiasts, I have booked an Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura. The car is due to be delivered next week. I want to know about the pre checks i have to do on the car before it is registered. Kindly help< id="gwProxy" ="">< ="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" ="">
  14. somewhere in the middle to end of sept.< id="gwProxy" ="">< ="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" ="">
  15. I dont like the stock steering of the car. The diameter is too big. Can i replace it with the steering of jazz/city/civic?< id="gwProxy" ="">< ="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" ="">